The Win-Win World of Volunteering with LUM

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While many acknowledge the positive impact of volunteering on the community, did you realize it also brings substantial benefits to you and your family? Investing your time in service not only forges new friendships but also enhances mental health, boosts self-esteem, and imparts valuable skills that can advance your career. Consider these ways volunteering can positively influence your life:

  • Provides PURPOSE and HAPPINESS: Volunteering instills a sense of purpose and kindles happiness.
  • Nurtures RELATIONSHIPS: Volunteering fosters new and existing connections.
  • Improves HEALTH: It’s beneficial for both your physical and mental well-being.
  • Builds SKILLS: Volunteer work teaches valuable skills contributing to career advancement. *

Making volunteering your New Year’s resolution isn’t just about benefiting the community; it’s about enriching your life and your family’s. LUM offers various opportunities, from working with children to assisting at the homeless shelter. Check out the current volunteer needs for specific programs:

Make 2024 the year you follow through on your New Year’s resolution to make a difference in the lives of your local neighbors in need by volunteering at LUM. Explore all LUM Volunteer Opportunities — go to LUMserve.org/volunteer/.

* References: Mayo Clinic Health System & Western Connecticut State University.

Sign up to volunteer at LUM Events online. Online Volunteer Sign Up Sheets, click HERE.

If your group would like to volunteer with LUM, sign up for a LUM Event online — or please email or call for more information (volunteer@lumserve.org | 765.423.2691).

To view all LUM Volunteer Opportunities, click HERE.

 Sign up to volunteer with LUM online. It’s quick and easy — and you’ll get an email confirmation and email reminders. For a list of Online Volunteer Sign Up Sheets, click HERE.

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