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COVID-19 Updates – Impact on LUM Programs
Summertime is for
Fun, Family & Reflection

Summertime is often a time for reflection and planning. Many of us are spending more time outdoors and trying to figure out how to keep in touch with our family & friends — while social distancing and staying healthy.

At LUM, staff are looking toward the future — preparing and modifying upcoming programs like Hunger HikePort of HopeCommunity Thanksgiving and Jubilee Christmas. You may also be spending the summer planning for your future and reflecting how you may assist those less fortunate.

Perhaps you could create a personal legacy by continuing your support of the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry beyond your own lifetime. 

During our lifetimes, we support our neighbors with our gifts to LUM, but by creating a legacy through Planned Giving your support of our ministry will continue for all perpetuity.

It’s a win-win Estate Planning strategy for you and LUM. In addition to the altruistic benefits, your charitable gift to Lafayette Urban Ministry brings tax relief — and also allows you to make a larger gift to LUM than you could make from your income alone. Whether you use cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance or a retirement plan, the benefits of Estate Planned Gifts can make this type of donation attractive to you as a well as LUM. Consider also remembering Lafayette Urban Ministry in your will.

First, meet with your professional advisor to learn how informed estate planning can increase the overall value of your estate with a gift of tax-burdened assets (like IRAs, 401(k), or savings bonds) to Lafayette Urban Ministry. When you are ready, please email or call Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, who is eager to meet with you ( | 765-423-2691).

Whatever you decide — enjoy your summer with your family and friends — and think for a moment about the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry and the families we serve.

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LUM After School Program
Opening Delayed

Lafayette Urban Ministry is committed to offering quality and affordable childcare during the summer and after school, when school is in session. Since our schedule is dependent on the local school corporations, the LUM Youth Programs director, Kristi Hogue, has been monitoring discussion and decision about local school opening dates. At this point, LUM has decided to continue offering all-day childcare until school begins (August 19), and starting after school childcare thereafter. Adaptability & change have been the only constant this summer, but it is worth the extra effort if LUM is able to support families & children during this crisis. If you wish to invest in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program and After School Program, an online donation would be appreciated. Volunteers are also needed each day; and donations of needed items are also welcome. If you need more information, click HERE or email Kristi Hogue ( Donate to the LUM After School Program. Make an investment in the children.

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After School Program

This summer, the students enrolled in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program were able to wash & dry their hands without needing to touch the faucet or towel dispenser. The restrooms in the LUM Ray Ewry Youth Center are now equipped with hands-free hand dryers and hands-free faucets. LUM students were always required to wash their hands but during COVID-19 washing is more frequent and carefully monitored. Now it is also safer.

Thanks to a grant from the McAllister Foundation, LUM was able to purchase hands-free faucets for the restrooms. The grant has also been used to make playground improvements and to purchase books & a bookshelf, bus back-up cameras, and increased outdoor lighting. This gift has had a tremendous positive impact on the LUM youth programs, directly enhancing the LUM students’ experiences. Thanks again to Dave Webb with the Alfred J. & Dorothy N. McAllister Foundation for their continued support of the students enrolled in the LUM youth programs.