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COVID-19 Updates – Impact on LUM Programs
Happy New Year
To You & Your Family

Thank you for being a friend in 2020. LUM has impacted a significant number of children and families in our community this year because of YOU.

What YOU do for LUM is so important in enabling us to accomplish our mission — and restores dignity to families, encourages and educates children, is a positive force in our community — offering peace, hope & love to the families we serve.

Thank you for choosing us as your community partner this year. Here’s to another day of service to the people of this great community.

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A Few Families Donated Their Stimulus Money to LUM

Lafayette Urban Ministry has recently been the grateful recipient of stimulus funds from individuals “Paying It Sideways.”

  • One local family shared that, “We just donated our stimulus payment to the (LUM) Good Samaritan Fund so LUM can give it to people who really need it.
  • Another shared that, “I hope during this difficult time that my stimulus check can go farther in your hands helping those who really need it!
  • A third family shared that, “We knew that our family did not need the stimulus money and wanted to donate it. We wanted the money to benefit our community and knew that LUM was a good place to give. Our family is happy to support LUM, and would encourage others to do the same.

LUM continues to be right on the front lines of this crisis, helping local families with emergency financial assistance and nutritious food, and helping individuals with safe shelter. If you have decided to use your stimulus money to help others less fortunate and don’t know how, LUM is a great option. LUM enables YOU to give anonymously and with the peace of mind that your gift will be well-utilized to quickly help people in our local community.