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LUM Publications

Below are some LUM publications and promotional materials. Please feel free to print and distribution and display as you deem appropriate. Thanks for your assistance in spreading the word.


LUM Newsletters

  • eNewsletters — published weekly — click HERE to view the list of eNewsletters
  • SEED Newsletter — published quarterly — click HERE to view the list of SEED Newsletters
  • Campaign for Hoosier Families Newsletters — click HERE

Annual Reports & other important documents

  • Click HERE to view the list of Annual Reports and other important documents

Fliers & more

  • LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program (PDF) – Summer 2023
  • LUM After School Program (PDF) – AY 2022-23
  • Hunger Hike Promotional Materials: Posters, Bulletin announcements, logos, fliers, & more — click HERE