LUM Staff

LUM Staff – Organization Chart — To view click HERE

Wes Tillett
Executive Director
email – wtillett at lumserve dot org

  • Fiscal Management; Fundraising & Development; Solicitation Letters
  • Board & Committees; Church & Community Relations; Membership
  • Program; Annual Report; SEED Newsletter
  • Staff & Intern Supervision
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Facilities & Grounds
  • Special Events

Terri Anderson
Office Manager | Volunteer Coordinator
email – tanderson at lumserve dot org

  • Office Management: mailings, desktop publishing, word processing, office volunteers, office supplies & equipment
  • Event support: LUM Camp, Jubilee Christmas, LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies
  • Volunteers: Recruit, train and support

Jeffrey Auguste
Program Director
email – jauguste at lumserve dot org

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Shelter Intake
  • Winter Warming Station

Connie Decker
Morning Receptionist (half time)
email – cdecker at lumserve dot org

  • Greet visitors
  • Answer phones
  • Office Support
  • Database Support

Marlena Edmondson
Program Director (part-time/seasonal)
email – medmondson at lumserve dot org

  • LUM Camp

Christian Gallo
Program Director (half time)
email – cgallo at lumserve dot org

  • Immigration Clinic

Leanna Giltmier
Finance Director (two-thirds-time)
email – lgiltmier at lumserve dot org

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis, Tax Filings, Audit Oversight
  • Donor Database Management
  • Grants Administration
  • Payroll

Vacant Maintenance Director (part-time)
email – lum at lumserve dot org

  • Maintenance, Grounds Keeping, Cleaning
  • Recycling
  • Bus Maintenance
  • Cleaning, Disinfecting, Recycling, Grounds Upkeep

Kristi Hogue
Program Director
email – khogue at lumserve dot org

  • After School Program
  • 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program


Gayle Koning
Assistant Business Manager (two-thirds-time)
email – gkoning at lumserve dot org

  • Income Accounting, Assistance with Audits
  • Donor Database Management
  • Assist with Grant Administration

Pablo Malavenda
Executive Program Director | Communications Director | IT | Webmaster
email – pmalavenda at lumserve dot org

  • Communications & Social Media, IT Support, Database Management, and Webmaster
  • Supervision for LUM Programs: Community Thanksgiving, Emergency Shelter/Winter Warming Station, Good Samaritan Program, ID Clinic, Jubilee Christmas, Protein & Westside Food Pantries, Tax Assistance Program, and Youth Programs

Nina Morgan
Volunteer Program Director
email – nmorgan at lumserve dot org

  • LUM Protein Food Pantry
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Work with local food bank, churches & organizations to received food donations and manage food purchases
  • Data entry – food pantry clients

Cristy Perez
Assistant Director, Immigration Clinic (quarter time)
email – immigration at lumserve dot org

  • Assist Immigration Clinic clients
  • Assist the Immigration Clinic director

Joshua Prokopy
Program Director
email – jprokopy at lumserve dot org

  • Community Thanksgiving Feast (email – thanks at lumserve dot org)
  • Jubilee Christmas (email – jubilee at lumserve dot org)
  • Tax Assistance Program (email – taxes at lumserve dot org)
  • Dream Team Fund
  • Fundraising
    • Hunger Hike (email – hungerhike at lumserve dot org)
    • We’ve Got Talent – Good Samaritan Fund
    • Gala of Hope – Immigration Clinic Fundraiser
    • Turkey Trot 5K Run Fundraiser (email – turkeytrot at lumserve dot org)

Cassie Robinson

  • Grounds Keeping
  • Cleaning
  • Trash, Recycling
  • Disinfecting

Linda Tripp
Accounting Assistant (part-time)
email – ltripp at lumserve dot org

  • Expense Accounting, Assistance with Tax Filings
  • Vendor Management
  • Support Business Office

Angel Valentín
Program Director (half time)
email – avalentin at lumserve dot org

  • Financial Assistance Program
  • Good Samaritan Fund
  • ID Clinic

Kathryn Williams
Public Policy Advocate (half-time)
email – kwilliams at lumserve dot org

  • Public Policy
  • Campaign for Hoosier Families
  • Lobbying on behalf of “Hoosier” families

After School Program

Emergency Shelter


  • Tom Covington
  • Jim Rush
Tom Covington & Jim Rush

Interns – Fall 2023

LUM Staff – Organization Chart — To view click HERE