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New LUM Video – Giving Help, Giving Hope

New LUM Video to Debut in June 2018

Lafayette Urban Ministry is excited to announce that a new LUM video is currently being produced and will debut in June.

This video will be used by LUM board members and staff to recruit new volunteers, engage new churches, civic & school groups, and ask individuals and businesses to invest in LUM by making a donation. This video will eventually be made available to the public through the LUM website, and anyone, including member churches, may use the video to entice their members to engage and invest in LUM as well. The video features Joe Micon, LUM executive director, and several LUM volunteers who tell heart-felt stories about how LUM “Gives Help & Gives Hope” each and every day of the year.

Stay tuned for more information about the exciting, official LUM Video debut!

Stories from the LUM Good Samaritan Program

How Attending LUM Follies Helps Local Families

Last year the LUM Good Samaritan Program served families 2,032 times and distributed $115,314 to avert evictions, utility disconnects and other financial crises.
Here are three examples of how your support of LUM Follies helps local families.

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Gregory had to move closer to his aunt, who had taken ill. He was suddenly homeless and unemployed. While he stayed in the LUM Emergency Shelter, Gregory looked for and found a new job in a local restaurant and soon after signed a lease for a new apartment. During this transition he needed “non-skid” shoes for his new job and some assistance with his security deposit for his new apartment. Gregory shared that he appreciates the support from the LUM Good Samaritan Program which gave him the stability and freedom to be close to and be there for his family — especially his aunt.

Freddie has nine children and 16 grandchildren. She lives with two of her grandchildren (her son’s two children). When Freddie agreed to help her son with his children she was working full-time and healthy. Unfortunately, Freddie fell and broke her leg, and after surgery and physical therapy still was not able to keep working. The LUM Good Samaritan Program was able to help Freddie with rent and food assistance. She shared that “LUM saved me and my grandchildren from being hungry and losing our home.”

Trisha & James are a happily married, hard working couple with three teenage children. When Trisha had to quit her job because of debilitating back pain, their family was in financial crisis. LUM Good Samaritan Program helped with the paperwork to receive food assistance and Medicaid and helped pay two months of electric bills to prevent their service from being disconnected. Trisha shared, “It was emotionally and physically difficult to go to LUM, but once inside everyone was so helpful and nonjudgmental that we left feeling positive about our financial situation and had hope for the first time in weeks.”

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A Prayer for Lafayette Urban Ministry

A Special Prayer for LUM’s 45th Anniversary

Two members of the LUM Dream Team have recently written A Prayer for LUM.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of Lafayette Urban Ministry, Dr. Jim Davidson & Rev. Don Nead collaborated to write this prayer as a way of creating a meaningful reflection for the friends, volunteers, staff and supporters of LUM.

The prayer not only focuses on the Mission of LUM but also reconnects LUM with its long history of social justice including advocacy for public policy that supports and strengthens families.

We are grateful to Dr. Davidson & Rev. Nead for their wisdom and inspiration.
Please take the time to read the entire piece, A Prayer for LUM.

Read “A Prayer for LUM”

A Prayer for LUM

God abhors poverty, calls us to address its causes and consequences, and created the Lafayette Urban Ministry to help us pursue this goal. Therefore, I join my brothers and sisters in this prayer for LUM.

We pray for the wisdom and courage of Old Testament prophets such as Amos, Micah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah; the Son of God, Jesus Christ; and more recent role models such as Mandela, King, Gandhi, and Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

We pray that LUM’s efforts also reflect the social teachings of its member  churches, the leadership of its directors, and the faith of its benefactors,  board members, staff and volunteers.

We pray that LUM’s initiatives will be inspired by biblical concepts such as alms  giving, tithing, gleaning, jubilee, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, turning one’s cheek, and turning over the tables in the temple.

We pray that LUM’s programs will address both symptoms and root causes, include both assistance and advocacy, involve both service and justice, and be both comforting and challenging.

We pray that LUM will speak the truth to power and will always give priority to  people over things, the needy over the self-sufficient, and the voiceless over the noisy.

We pray for each other: that we will aspire to do Your will, acknowledge our  limitations and failures, and ask for the grace to be Your faithful disciples.

Dr. James Davidson and Rev. Donald Nead
May 2017


Two members of the LUM Dream Team have recently written A Prayer for LUM.

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of Lafayette Urban Ministry, Dr. Jim Davidson & Rev. Don Nead wanted to create something meaningful reflection for the friends, volunteers, staff and supporters of LUM and decided on this prayer.

The prayer not only focuses on the Mission of LUM but also reconnects LUM with its long history of social justice including advocacy for public policy that supports and strengthens families.

We are grateful to Dr. Davidson & Rev. Nead for their wisdom and inspiration. Please take the time to read the entire piece, A Prayer for LUM.

Meet Freddie — Good Samaritan Fund Client

Meet Freddie Smith, a recent LUM client.

Freddie has nine children and 16 grandchildren who live in Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. She lives in West Lafayette with two of her grandchildren (ages: 3 years and 6 months old). When Freddie agreed to help her son with his children she was working fulltime and managing her diabetes well. Unfortunately, after a series of unfortunate events she was in a financial crisis. Last winter, Freddie fell and broke her leg. After surgery and physical therapy her leg did not fully heal and her diabetes has been harder to manage. Since her job required her to be on her feet for most of the work day, she was not able to keep working.

Freddie’s income had been reduced substantially in a short period of time — and she still was caring for her two grandchildren. She shared that “LUM saved me and my
grandchildren from being hungry and losing our home.” Not only did Freddie get emergency financial assistance from the LUM Good Samaritan Program but she also received referrals to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry and Jubilee Christmas. She shared that the director of the LUM Good Samaritan Program, Rev. Clarinda Crawford, has been a blessing to her and her family — and she is thankful that such a wonderful and important program exists in her community. Freddie is optimistic that 2017 will be a better year for her family. Freddie’s story is a perfect example of how quickly a family’s situation can change and how suddenly they are temporarily in need of our help.

Attending the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies on May 5
will directly support families like Freddie’s.

Please attend LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies & support the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. If you are unable to attend and wish to make a donation directly to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, click HERE.

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Good Samaritan Fund

Spotlight on the LUM ID Clinic

One of the most critical yet lesser known services offered by Lafayette Urban Ministry is the ID Clinic. The LUM ID Clinic is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and is a service to all residents of Tippecanoe County.

The ID Clinic offers individuals assistance with the process of getting a valid ID Card (Indiana Identification Card) and Birth Certificate.

The process of gathering all of the documentation needed to obtain a basic, legal ID is often tricky, expensive and requires a birth certificate — the procedure and cost of which to obtain  differs from state to state.

Today an ID is necessary for many basic functions including accepting a new job, obtaining housing, opening a bank account, voting, traveling, attending school, and getting a driver’s license. In 2016, the LUM ID Clinic helped close to 200 individuals in “cutting the red tape” associated with re-establishing their legal identities. The LUM ID Clinic is directed by the Rev. Clarinda Crawford (pictured above). Chris S., a recent client of the ID Clinic shared, “I have not had an Indiana ID since moving here in February of 2016 — and now that I finally have one — I am able to get my own housing.” Chris S. has also been a guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter. These are the type of life changing stories that are told by those served by the LUM ID Clinic.

If you would like more information on the LUM ID Clinic, click HERE. If you wish to support the ID Clinic with a donation, click HERE — and attend the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies on Friday, May 5 — click HERE for more details.

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ID Clinic

Free Haircuts — And So Much More

2016-02-18 Haircuts - Mariana Paddock 024 (2) (1280x1279)

Once a month Mariana Paddock volunteers by offering free haircuts in the LUM Office for our homeless clients.

She is a talented hair stylist in Lafayette with an established clientele.

At LUM though Mariana offers much more than just a haircut. Her interactions are special. She gives each person her undivided attention — offering them conversation and good cheer. Mariana also gives them love, hope and respect.

As she masterfully trims each person’s hair, you can literally see dignity restored and confidence built in each of her “customers.”

Thank you, Mariana for such a wonderful gift you are giving the homeless clients at Lafayette Urban Ministry and to the entire community.


Youth Groups — Service Day at LUM


Last Thursday, the Heartland Community Church Youth Group (FYSH) and Battle Ground United Methodist Church Youth Group (Larger than Life) assisted in cleaning the LUM emergency shelter and office building as well as gardening and outdoor chores. One group worked with the 5th Quarter students to harvest their garden—and all of the fresh produce was donated to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry. To view more PHOTOs, click HERE.

This was part of their 4th annual Mission Lafayette service week, where a group of middle and high school students work together to serve the local community. Their goal is to give these young adults an opportunity to grow their faith through service work in their home town.

LUM is very thankful for the help from these two hard-working youth groups. LUM relies on groups like these to get most of our outside work done.

If your group is interested in helping out with yard-work or mowing the lawns, please email or call us ( | 765-423-2691).

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Use Where Needed Most

Check out the video of their week of service in Lafayette. LUM appears around 4:56.

Mission Moment — Meet Carmen

Carmen was recently honored by the LUM Board of Directors and given a small token to show their appreciation for her volunteer work with LUM.


{Pictured above L to R: Joe Micon, LUM executive director; Deb Parent, member, LUM Board of Directors; Carmen; and Cindy Haley, LUM After School program director.}

Carmen’s life changed during the final months of her high school career. She was scheduled to finish high school early and was directly enlisted into the U.S. Marine Corps. On the morning of February 4, 2006 though, her life’s path took a sharp turn.

On the way home from getting her hair done for her high school’s Valentine’s Day Dance, she was in a serious car accident. When Carmen awoke from a coma a month later on March 6, 2006, her doctors gave her little hope of walking again. She went through intensive physical therapy to learn how to talk, eat and eventually walk again. Living with her parents and her brother who also needed physical therapy due to a disability, Carmen was able to make significant progress while assisting her parents and caring for her brother.

After some time, Carmen was not feeling productive enough and found a job in housekeeping at a local hospital and moved into an apartment of her own. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to keep her job after only three months; and without this income, Carmen soon lost her apartment and for a short time was sleeping in her storage unit.

She then found LUM.

Carmen became a guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter and was meeting regularly with the LUM staff to find a pathway to more permanent housing and employment. She was able to get disability benefits and found a part-time job. Carmen then found housing in Fowler House. Carmen was also seeking a companion. After two abusive relationships, Carmen met Joseph. Carmen and Joseph hit it off immediately and were married a year later.

carmenCarmen was appreciative of the emergency housing and counsel she received from LUM. So much so that once she found permanent housing again she was determined to give something back to LUM as a volunteer.

After a brief discussion with LUM staff, Carmen offered to clean the LUM Youth Center three days a week as a volunteer — and has been doing so for since last summer. Recently, she secured a part-time job that provides her with just enough hours (13.75 per week) without compromising her right to critical disability income.

When asked  what she would like people to learn from her story, she requested this line to be included:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

This is the first scripture her father read to her when she woke up from her coma on March 6, 2006.

Through her faith, hard work and determination, Carmen has turned her life around. She is happily married and works part-time at a local coffee shop — and still continues to clean the LUM Youth Center. Carmen often shares,

“I am God’s dairy maid. I’m bringing you the cheese!”

Carmen is a remarkable person and a wonderful example of how important the LUM Emergency Shelter is for individuals in our community – and how it is equally important to be persistent, positive, hardworking and faithful.

Carmen praises God daily for the gifts He has given her to share.

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Emergency Shelter

Mareewan — Friend of Immigration Clinic

mareewan Mareewan Khaland discovered the LUM Immigration Clinic when he needed some assistance.

Now he has become a volunteer and donor. Mareewan, a well known chef in Lafayette, will be donating the meal for next week’s Cultural Exchange & Potluck Luncheon.

He recently brought some “samples” to the LUM office for our volunteers & staff. {Pictured are Joe Micon, LUM executive director, Mareewan Khaland, and Susan Brouillette, LUM Immigration Clinic director.}