LUM Match Program Gives a Hand Up

Shelter Guests Benefit from the Opportunity Fund

“I am forever grateful to LUM!”

Timothy Kennell spoke with emotion. After many months of struggle, Timothy moved out of the LUM Emergency Shelter and into an apartment. To convey his gratitude, he addressed the LUM Board, and, by implication, all of you who support LUM.

Timothy shared that, 

“If it had not been for LUM, I would have been on the streets sleeping,” He battled through illness, job loss, and feelings of depression and self-pity. But he persevered, landing and keeping a job at Subaru.

With a steady income, Timothy took part in the LUM Match Program, paying $5 each night that he stayed at LUM. When he was ready to move into his own place, LUM “matched” his contribution and paid his new landlord close to one month’s rent. This was the financial boost that Timothy needed to be lifted out of homelessness. He commented, 

“I am in a two-bedroom apartment. Got great landlords…. It’s mine. I can call it home.” Timothy teared up as he shared, “[LUM staff and volunteers] motivated me when I lost the motivation. They kept telling me they cared about me. They were praying for me. They became [my] friends. Some of them became family.” 

Two individuals who impacted him have been Sue & Tom, the LUM Volunteers of the Month (to view Sue & Tom’s story, click HERE).

Since January 2022, eight individuals have benefited from the LUM Match Program, including Robert Boswell, Amanda Clingenpeel, Benjamin Huber, Brandon Northcutt, Gerrick Steen, Christopher Sutherlin, Thyrome Wilder, and Timothy. Timothy joked, 

“I guess I am kind of a poster child for LUM now.” 

And, in a way, he and the others listed above are. They exemplify the ideal trajectory for LUM clients – from a downward spiral to an upward spiral; from hopelessness to help, healing, and hope. A hand up!

VIDEO – Timothy’s entire remarks at the LUM Board of Director’s meeting

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