Mission Moment – Meet Newly-Housed Timothy

Emergency Shelter Guest Receives Match Funds

At this month’s LUM Board meeting, Timothy Kennell (56) shared his journey from needing a bed with LUM in February 2022 to being employed and housed today. While using the shelter, he decided to “go ahead and make changes” in his life. He accepted a job and then moved on to a better job with SIA. He “got up everyday and made the decision every morning to go to work.” He credits the LUM Emergency Shelter and the shelter staff and volunteers for giving him the encouragement and prayers he needed to stay focused on a more successful future. While employed Timothy was participating in the LUM Match Program. He paid $5 each night he stayed at the LUM Emergency Shelter. When he was ready to move into his own two-bedroom apartment, LUM “matched” this money dollar-for-dollar and gave a check to his landlord. The combined amount of the check was more than one month’s rent. Timothy shared with the LUM Board that “This program works! And I am an example of how it can work, if you really want it. I am forever grateful.” The LUM Board gave Timothy a warm reception letting him know that everyone at LUM is so very proud of him.

If you wish to make an investment in the LUM Emergency Shelter and Match Program, please consider a gift today. Please also consider being a shelter volunteer and giving others like Timothy the encouragement they need to take the first steps in the journey to becoming employed and housed. Join us in congratulating Timothy and thanking the LUM shelter staff and volunteers.

VIDEO – Timothy’s entire remarks at the LUM Board of Director’s meeting

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