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Summertime is for Fun, Family & Reflection

Planning for Summer – Planning for Your Future

Summertime is often a time for reflection and planning. Many of us are spending more time outdoors and trying to figure out how to keep in touch with our family & friends — while social distancing and staying healthy.

At LUM, staff are looking toward the future — preparing and modifying upcoming programs like Hunger Hike, Port of Hope, Community Thanksgiving and Jubilee Christmas. You may also be spending the summer planning for your future and reflecting how you may assist those less fortunate. Perhaps you could create a personal legacy by continuing your support of the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry beyond your own lifetime. During our lifetimes, we support our neighbors with our gifts to LUM, but by creating a legacy through Planned Giving your support of our ministry will continue for all perpetuity.

It’s a win-win Estate Planning strategy for you and LUM. In addition to the altruistic benefits, your charitable gift to Lafayette Urban Ministry brings tax relief — and also allows you to make a larger gift to LUM than you could make from your income alone. Whether you use cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance or a retirement plan, the benefits of Estate Planned Gifts can make this type of donation attractive to you as a well as LUM. Consider also remembering Lafayette Urban Ministry in your will.

First, meet with your professional advisor to learn how informed estate planning can increase the overall value of your estate with a gift of tax-burdened assets (like IRAs, 401(k), or savings bonds) to Lafayette Urban Ministry. When you are ready, please email or call Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, who is eager to meet with you ( | 765-423-2691).

Whatever you decide — enjoy your summer with your family and friends — and think for a moment about the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry and the families we serve.

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New Socks for LUM Clients, Guests & Children

One Purchased = One Donated

This past week, LUM has been distributing five new pairs of socks to each guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter and each child enrolled in the 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program. {Pictured is Lailyn AKA Lai Lai, a LUM student excited about her new socks.}

This generous in-kind donation comes from Bombas, a company founded on the philosophy of donating socks to those in need. For every pair they sell, they donate a pair. To date, Bombas has donated close to 40 million socks across the US. LUM is fortunate to be one of their partner agencies. It is such a blessing to our guests and children, who do not often get new clothes. 

Thanks to Bombas for the support, especially during these difficult times.

LUM Camp – Only 33 Days Away (July 28-31)

LUM Camp is a scholarship-based camp, meaning LUM only invites children whose parents are not able to pay for the $150 per child cost of camp. The campers’ parents pay only $5 per child, and generous LUM donors cover the rest. LUM Camp is one the finest overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere.  There are so many children who are eagerly awaiting their chance to attend from July 28 – 31

Your campership will pay for a child’s transportation, room and board, camp activities, books, supplies, and all of our career and vocational programs, in other words everything a camper will need to attend this year’s LUM Camp

  • Sending $300 will allow two children to attend LUM Camp
  • Sending $450 will provide three camperships
  • $75 will provide half a campership

LUM Camp is one of the finest overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere. I know of nearly 65 children waiting anxiously to attend. Would you please invest in both their long-term life skills and their short-term fun by offering them the gift of LUM Camp

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LUM Camp

Please note: LUM is working closely with the professional staff at Hanging Rock Christian Camp, the long-time host site of LUM CampLUM Camp is being planned in compliance with and exceeding the guidelines developed by the American Camp Association and the YMCA of the USA. All donations to LUM Camp will be used entirely on the campers’ experience this year.

Underwood Agency Donates $1,000 to LUM

Grant Awarded to LUM through Underwood

Chuck Clark, president of the Underwood Agency, recently presented a check for $1,000 to LUM executive director, Wes Tillett {Pictured L to R: Wes Tillett & Chuck Clark.}

Chuck Clark nominated LUM for the matching donor program at Erie Insurance and was awarded a grant. 

Thanks to Chuck Clark, the entire team at Underwood Agency and Erie Insurance for their generous donation and continued support of LUM.

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COVID-19 – Back On Track LUM

Open for Business with New Protocols

LUM is open for business, but “how” LUM serves the families in our community has been modified again this week to keep pace with the Back on Track Indiana timeline. A summary of LUM services offered during LUM Phase 4 are as follows:

LUM staff members attended mandatory COVID- 19 training last Wednesday (pictured). The LUM Office is closed to drop-in visitors, but starting this week, clients may be seen by appointment, if they cannot get assistance remotely. Clients (with appointments), staff & volunteers must wear a mask, wash their hands and get their temperature taken before entering. Anyone who is sick, or has COVID-19 warning signs or symptoms will be not allowed to enter. LUM assistance is being offered to local families & children remotely whenever possible using online forms, email and phone calls.

  • For more details on the LUM COVID-19 Response, click HERE
  • Donate Needed COVID-19 Supplies, click HERE

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Tippecanoe COVID-19 Hotline Launched

LUM Housing & Stability Assistance

Earlier this month, the Tippecanoe COVID-19 Housing & Stability Hotline was launched. This community resource will connect households struggling to pay rent, mortgages, and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic to the LUM Good Samaritan Program along with other organizations equipped to provide aid. Hotline operators will ask a series of questions, determine the best resource to direct callers to, and provide a warm connection to that resource. The goal is to remove obstacles and reduce the amount of time between requests for aid and delivery of support.

The Housing & Stability Hotline is a partnership between United Way Greater Lafayette, The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, The City of Lafayette, and Lafayette Urban Ministry. The hotline can be reached by phone or text at 765-201-0668, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Calls will be returned within one business day. Residents may also complete an online form by visiting

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Good Samaritan Fund

LUM Awarded $10,000 from CARES Act

Lafayette Urban Ministry has also been awarded a $10,000 grant made possible by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

This money is designated to provide emergency shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness including shelter operating costs, expansion of shelter and essential services for shelter guests and their families.

This award will ensure that the LUM Emergency Shelter may still operate during this crisis and provide support to those trying to avoid or transition out of homelessness.

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Emergency Shelter

LUM Awarded $13,679 in Federal Support

Lafayette Urban Ministry has recently been awarded $13,679 in Phase 37 Emergency Food and Shelter Program funding.

EFSP is a program of the federal government designed to quickly provide emergency relief to those in our nation with critical housing and shelter needs.

This award will have a tremendous positive impact on LUM’s ability to assist families with critical housing expenses through the LUM Good Samaritan Fund and to offer emergency housing to individuals in transition at the LUM Emergency Shelter.

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Good Samaritan Fund 

Got Milk? The LUM Protein Food Pantry Does!

Free Gallon of Milk to the First 50 Families

Each week in June, the LUM Protein Food Pantry will be offering a free gallon of milk to the first 50 families. Greater Lafayette Commerce is assisting Prairie Farms in distributing gallons of milk to local families in need.

This partnership was made possible due to the USDA Farmers to Families program, which buys excess dairy products from farmers affected by COVID-19 and gives them to food pantries and homeless shelters like LUM’s. Nina Morgan, LUM food pantry director, and the volunteers pick up 50 gallons of milk on Wednesday, store it at Lafayette Brewing Company, and distribute it to local families on Thursday morning during the food pantry operating hours. 

Pictured L to R are Bernie Graser, LUM volunteer, and Greg Emig, Lafayette Brewing Company owner. This collaborative effort is heartwarming and beneficial to the families and children served by the LUM Protein Food Pantry and the guests in the LUM Emergency Shelter.

Volunteers are needed each Thursday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and delivery of donated items will be received during that time.

Four Ways YOU can help the LUM Food Programs are as follows:

  • Make a Monetary Donation, click HERE
  • Sign up to Volunteer, click HERE
  • Donate Needed Items, click HERE
  • Participate in Hunger Hike, click HERE

If you have questions or need further information, go to, call 765-423-2691 or email

LUM Students Get Surprise from Laura’s Kids

Bags Filled with Treats for Each LUM Student

The summer started with a surprise bag of treats for each of the students enrolled in the LUM After School Program & 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program. This gift was made possible by “Laura’s Kids,” a nonprofit created in memory of Laura Williams by her sister and brother-in-law, Nancy & Greg Emig, owners of Lafayette Brewing Company.

Laura Williams graduated from Chesterton High School and was a junior at Purdue University when she passed away unexpectedly in 2001. Laura had a special gift for working with children, and her goal was to become a child life specialist working with children with disabilities. In addition to Laura’s Kids, there is a memorial scholarship at Purdue for students in Human Development & Family Studies.

Dozens of gift bags were assembled by Laura’s family: Nancy, Carly, Cindy, Millie and Joe Emig and given to the children by their “reading partner,” Bayley (the dog pictured above with Carly).

On behalf of the LUM students, THANK YOU to Laura’s Kids, the Emig Family and our friends at Lafayette Brewing Company.

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After School Program