Mission Moment – The Story of Beth’s Journey

As Told by Linda Hicks, LUM Program Director

Beth came to the LUM Office seeking assistance with the LUM Good Samaritan Program. She needed help with the deposit on her new apartment. Over the past five years Beth needed financial assistance twice, the LUM Emergency Shelter several times, and used the LUM food pantries regularly up through 2019. Beth wore a baseball cap tilted down to cover part of her face and hide the scars, both physical and emotional. Connie, the LUM receptionist, greeted her and soon learned that Beth had escaped an abusive relationship; and as a result of the abuse, had lost sight in one eye. She was having trouble finding permanent housing and difficulty finding employment. Beth felt that employers were hesitant to hire her because one of her eyes was white in color.

Beth now has a prosthetic eye and receives monthly disability payments, but is still emotionally fragile and managing her funds is a challenge. Just as she was about to secure housing, she panicked that it wouldn’t work out and she’d be homeless once again. She was in need of funding; but more than that, Beth needed compassion and understanding and a safe place. In tears (with her mask on), Beth sat in the LUM lobby telling Connie, of her fears. Connie listened (also masked), held her arms open and said, “Now come here.” Beth dropped into her arms and sobbed. The tears eventually stopped, Beth took a breath, gathered up her courage and was on her way.

She returned later that day with a smile on her face because she signed a lease for an apartment! Beth was relieved and grateful, not only for the funding, but also for the kindness. It was a day to be reminded of the magic that a hug and an open heart can hold. We all matter in the world no matter what our station in life. 

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{To protect the privacy of this individual featured above, the name has been changed.}

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