Mission Moment – Jonathan’s Success Story

LUM Homeless Shelter Guest Gets Housed

Jonathan, a former LUM Emergency Shelter guest, epitomizes GRIT. His first overnight stay was back in 2019, and he’s been in and out for the past three years. Jonathan is not immune to some of the many problems that plague our guests: addiction, mental illness, unwise choices, emotional and physical disabilities, difficult pasts, tumultuous family situations, and simply bad luck. 

Recently Jonathan was able to secure long-term employment, which enabled him to utilize the LUM “Match Program.” As a part of this program, Jonathan paid $5 as “rent” each night he stayed at the shelter. When he was able to sign a lease for an apartment, LUM returned this “match” money plus matched it — dollar for dollar. He doubled his money to use toward his deposit and rent — and learned how to save and invest in his future. Jonathan is not alone. So far in 2022, 388 guests have utilized the LUM Emergency Shelter 7,387 times. In addition, 175 guests utilized the LUM Winter Warming Station 972 times (January-April). 

Because of supporters such as YOU, LUM was able to provide Jonathan and hundreds of others with a safe, warm, supportive overnight place to stay at a critical point in their life. With the help of LUM and many others, Jonathan is rebuilding his life, day by day. Tiny step by tiny step. Despite setbacks and hurdles. With resolute determination. With GRITJonathan possesses the grit needed to utilize the programs of LUM and obtain a brighter future.

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{To protect the privacy of this individual featured above, the name has been changed.}

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