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LUM Follies 2017
Celebrating 45 Years

Join us on Cinco de Mayo for the sixth annual LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies and help us celebrate the 45th anniversary of Lafayette Urban Ministry. The event is a lighthearted evening of fine dining, entertainment, fun & good company — filled with delightful surprises. There will be a lovely dinner with fabulous people; a Silent Auction filled with unique and priceless items; and local entertainment (also known as Follies) that will bring laughter, fun and sheer joy to the room.

Here are the details:

  • LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies
  • DATE: Friday, May 5
  • TIMES: Reception & Silent Auction at 5:30 p.m., Dinner at 6:30 p.m., Follies live variety show at 7:30 p.m.
  • PLACE: St. Andrew United Methodist Church, West Lafayette
  • DONATION: $45 per person; $360 per table of eight; limited seating

The LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies 2017 will also be a grand 45th anniversary celebration. The best part though is that 100% of the proceeds from this event go to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, an emergency financial assistance program that supports local families. Last year the Good Samaritan Program served families 2,232 times and distributed $114,495 — to avert evictions, utility disconnects and other financial crises.

So — Join us for the LUM Good Samaritan Fund FOLLIES and have a great time enjoying a fabulous meal, variety show and more — while supporting a worthy cause and the families in our community.

Make your Reservations TODAY!
Start the Follies Reservation process NOW, click HERE.

Make your reservation today — go to and take care of everything online — or call us at 765-423-2691 — or stop by the LUM Office, 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette.

If you aren’t able to attend the “Follies” but still wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund — click:

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Good Samaritan Fund


If you or your group would like to volunteer with Follies, click HERE to sign up.


Check out all of the photos from the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies:

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Deb Parent
A Cornerstone of LUM

Dear Friend,

Deb Parent is a cornerstone of Lafayette Urban Ministry. She was appointed by her pastor to fill St. Mary Cathedral’s seat on the 44 member LUM Board of Directors in 2006 and quickly became involved in many board leadership and volunteer responsibilities.

Deb was elected board president in 2012 and continues to serve on the LUM Board’s Executive Council. She supports LUM’s excellent staff through her work as the board’s personnel liaison. She helped lead the implementation of the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies and Port of Hope fundraising events.

She was instrumental in the creation of LUM’s endowment for programs and has regularly helped with Hunger Hike, LUM Camp, and Jubilee Christmas.

More than anything else, Deb’s involvement at LUM has been defined by her heartfelt concern and compassion for those who are homeless. She spent several years volunteering as a case manager helping our homeless guests move off the streets, out of our shelter, and into more self-sufficient living in a home of their own. She even served in an interim position on the LUM staff as Emergency Shelter program director.

It was her passion in this area that recently helped LUM re-vision its work with the homeless, allowing us to help many individuals off the streets even more quickly than before. Honestly, I don’t know what LUM would do without Deb and her enthusiasm for our mission.

While Deb Parent’s involvement in LUM is indeed significant, she will be the first to tell you that it pales in comparison to the combined efforts of all the others, like you, who help lead, volunteer, and contribute financially to our shared ministry here at LUM.

Deb Parent shares that her prayers are always with the people LUM serves — and with those who serve others at LUM through their gifts of time, talent and treasure. She always keeps her eyes and heart open to new ways to be of help to those in our community who are struggling.

In a discussion group that Deb attends, the question was recently posed… “How do we answer those who ask us what we do?” Her response: “I am at peace sharing that my work is whatever God shows or calls me to do today, this week, or this year.” For Deb, that work has frequently meant active involvement at LUM.

I am so very grateful for Deb Parent and for all those whose hard work and dedication to LUM’s mission helps to make our community a more healthy and welcoming place for all of its citizens.

Please give generously so that our important work can continue. Place your check in the mail today or give online HERE.

PS — You may also contribute online and find out more about the services offered by Lafayette Urban Ministry on our website at

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