Mission Moment – The Story of Tina

LUM Helps Divert the Eviction of a Local Family

Her tears of desperation turned into tears of gratitude. Tina came to Lafayette Urban Ministry looking for some financial assistance with her rent. She had fallen behind on rent due to several COVID-19 related factors. With her kids at home (quarantined from school), Tina could not work the same number of hours at her job. When her employer reduced her hours on the next schedule, it compounded her financial loss. Tina found an additional job at a lower hourly wage and simply could not make up for the lost income. Her landlord’s patience wore thin. 

When a friend told her LUM might be able to help, Tina filled out the LUM Good Samaritan Program application online. When LUM was able to help her get caught up on rent, Tina’s tears of relief and gratitude streamed down her face. 

If you have given to the Good Samaritan Program, “Thank you. Your generosity is changing lives like Tina and her family. May you be blessed for blessing others. 

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{To protect the privacy of this individual featured above, the name has been changed.}

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