Patrick – From Shelter Guest to LUM Staff Member

The Story of Patrick’s Journey

This synergy has made an impact on individuals such as Patrick Renfroe. In 2016, Patrick became a guest at the LUM Emergency Shelter, seeking to break free from his 45 years of substance abuse. At the LUM Emergency Shelter, he found a place that was clean, friendly, and supportive of his journey toward being clean. By utilizing various substance abuse services connected through LUM, Patrick was able to break the chains of addiction as well as find steady employment. Through the LUM “Match Program” by which LUM matches dollar-for-dollar money set aside for permanent housing, Patrick was able to move into a home of his own. Today, five years later, Patrick is an outstanding employee of the LUM Emergency Shelter, welcoming guests, supporting them on in their own journey toward permanent housing and greater freedom. He proudly shares that he has been clean for more than three years and three months.

It is energizing to witness the positive changes in the life of Patrick Renfroe and hundreds of others like him who have benefited from the ministry of the LUM Emergency Shelter. The hospitality and impact of the LUM Emergency Shelter has been remarkable. The whole adds up to more than the sum of the individual parts. That’s “synergy.” Please, will you make a generous financial gift to the LUM Emergency Shelter, so that we can offer that “glimmer of light” to our neighbors experiencing homelessness in Greater Lafayette?

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