Impact of LUM Programs – First Nine Months

Troubling Signs Through Third Quarter of 2023

Lafayette Urban Ministry plays a crucial role in addressing various social, humanitarian, and family issues, especially during the harsh winter months. However, this year, our impact faces additional challenges as…

Donations are Down, and the Need is Greater Than Ever!

We can only continue our vital work with the generous support of individuals who share our mission and understand the added challenges the cold weather brings. If you want to make a meaningful difference and contribute to positive change during this challenging season, there are numerous ways to support LUM.

  • Donations: Your financial support provides the essential resources needed to keep our programs running smoothly, ensuring that our neighbors stay warm and safe during the winter cold.
  • Legacy Gifts: Be remembered by leaving a lasting impact on causes close to your heart through legacy gifts, helping us continue our vital work year after year.
  • Collection Drives: Mobilize communities to gather needed items like toilet paper, food, and other essentials, fostering unity and compassion when it’s needed most.
  • Volunteering: Contribute your time and talents directly to the LUM mission, making a tangible difference in the lives of those who may be struggling to make ends meet.

By embracing these diverse forms of support, you become a beacon of warmth and hope during the winter cold, inspiring a brighter future for our neighbors in need. Remember, every act of kindness, regardless of its scale, has the power to create ripples of transformation in the lives of others.

LUM 2023 Programs – Impact So Far

Thank you for your continued support of the LUM mission with your donations and service as a volunteer. LUM could not provide these programs and services without you.

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