Emergency Shelter

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The LUM Emergency Shelter provides short-term, overnight shelter, meals, and showers in a safe and caring environment to individuals experiencing homelessness. The LUM Emergency Shelter may accommodate up to 48 adults each night of the year.

Hundreds of volunteers help manage the shelter and provide & serve meals.


Individuals may need shelter for a variety of reasons, including inability to pay rent due to job loss or health problems. Also, newcomers to our community sometimes need temporary help while seeking jobs and housing. The LUM Emergency Shelter provides a vital service to the greater Lafayette community.

The LUM Winter Warming Station complements the services of the LUM Emergency Shelter from November to April. Other contingency plans are in place during stormy weather or if temperatures get dangerously low.

Donate to the LUM Emergency Shelter.

Monetary donations are crucial to the operation and success of the LUM Emergency Shelter.

Volunteer at the LUM Emergency Shelter.

Volunteers are needed 365 evenings a year. The shelter could not operate without the help of hundreds of volunteers. Some volunteers stay overnight, while others donate, prepare and serve meals. Some groups pitch in as clean-up work crews from time to time. Volunteers are needed to enter data two to four hours per week. Learn MORE.

Donate Items to the LUM Emergency Shelter

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