LUM Annual Report 2021 -Our Programs


In 2021, LUM programs served 2,996 households and 2,007 children. The programs offered in 2021 are as follows:

The charts below display the OCCURRANCES (18,250) or the number of times LUM programs offered assistance to an individual in 2021 (chart on left) and the total number of families, HOUSEHOLDS and individuals (2,996) served in 2021 (chart on right).




Cris King is a LUM volunteer, donor, and board member. She shared that, I volunteer at LUM in the Financial Assistance Program because of its important role in helping people in need keep their homes and utilities. LUM’s modest financial support and referrals often make a huge difference for those struggling to survive financially. Volunteering in this program is a small way I can help. Other LUM programs, including the Emergency Shelter, After School Program, and Immigration Clinic, provide assistance that is at the heart of social justice, and why I contribute financially. Another positive aspect of volunteering is the LUM staff. They are dedicated and kind. It’s a pleasure to see their respect toward the clients, and in turn the clients’ appreciation for the help. Lafayette Urban Ministry is a wonderful organization.

Cris King grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and received degrees from Manchester College and DePauw University. She worked at universities in several states, but returned to Indiana in 1998 for a position at Purdue, where she was Director of Research Development Services for the Vice President for Research until her retirement 10 years ago. Cris and her husband, Ted Harris, have enjoyed involvement in several local charitable organizations, as well as travel (including bicycling in all 50 states).

Cris represents the thousands of volunteers who support all of the LUM program and events throughout the year. Email volunteer@LUMserve.org or go to LUMserve.org/volunteer, if you wish to  become a LUM volunteer.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, go to LUMserve.org/donate

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