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Meet the New Officers of the LUM Board

Thanks to 2020 & Congrats to 2021 Leaders

Sincere thanks to the outgoing 2020 LUM Board of Directors & Executive Council members, who served valiantly during the transition of a new executive director and impact of the pandemic. Congratulations to the incoming 2021 Executive Council members (pictured above L to R), who are as follows:

  • President – Cheryl Fowler, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County
  • Vice President – Chuck Anderson, St. Thomas Aquinas Center
  • Treasurer – Tricia Sembroski, At Large
  • Secretary – Penny Glotzbach, Congress Street United Methodist Church
  • Facilities – Allen “Buz” Grady, Our Saviour Lutheran Church
  • Personnel – Nina Morgan, Grace Lutheran Church
  • Program, Planning & Evaluation – Deb Parent, At Large
  • Executive Director – Wes Tillett, Lafayette Urban Ministry

LUM is governed by a Board of Directors — made up of one representative from each Member Church plus a few appointed individuals from specific community groups. Led by the officers listed above, the board meets each month to oversee and direct policy decisions, fiscal matters, and programming issues, and to ensure that LUM fulfills its vital Mission. The board members are passionate, hard-working, talented — and are well-equipped to serve during this difficult time.

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Honoring LUM Staff – Celebrating Historic Year

Persistence | Passion | Love | Determination

This past Tuesday, the dedicated staff members of Lafayette Urban Ministry gathered at Lafayette Brewing Company for the annual LUM staff appreciation lunch to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of 2020, a unique & historic year.

The success of LUM last year can, in part, be attributed to the Persistence, Passion, Love and Determination of each member of the LUM staff.

Thanks to Lafayette Brewing Company management and staff for creating a safe environment for our annual luncheon as well as for great food & service. 

Pictured L to R are Pablo Malavenda, Eileen Weiss, Wes Tillett, Nancy Emig, Gayle Koning, Briton Weise, Patrick Renfroe, Linda Hicks, Minnette Trent, and Nina Morgan.

Merry Christmas to You & Your Family

LUM Wishes You a Blessed Christmas


Dear Friends,

Holiday greetings from Lafayette Urban Ministry! I hope this card finds you well and getting into the spirit of the season.

As the year draws to a close, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for your enthusiasm and generosity. Thanks for being there for LUM during this pandemic, when our neighbors have needed us the most. Your support helps us to give back the hope, the future, and self-respect to low-income people in the greater Lafayette area. We’re truly grateful.

I look forward to connecting with you in 2021. In the meantime, I wish you and your family joy and good cheer during the holidays!


Wes Tillett
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

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Before the End of 2020 – Invest in LUM

Only Days Left – Tax Deductible Gift for 2020

As New Year’s Day approaches, we ask that you remember Lafayette Urban Ministry in your end of the year plans.

While preparing for holiday celebrations, it’s important to stop and reflect on the joy and blessings in your own life while also being aware that not everyone in your community is so fortunate. Please consider setting aside part of your budget to support the work of Lafayette Urban Ministry with a tax-deductible charitable donation.

If you review the list below, you will see that LUM persevered during the pandemic and continued to provide a number of essential services to needy families and children in our community. LUM appreciates your support of our mission, services and programs, especially during these difficult times when it’s needed to most.

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During the past year, Lafayette Urban Ministry served 2,725 families through one or another of our 22 programs.

Explore our website to see how you can make your donation to LUM more meaningful to you.

The donation process has been simplified allowing supporters to donate online, by phone, in person or by mail. Donate Online by clicking the button below -or- Call us at 765-423-2691. Mail or Drop off your donation to the LUM Office, 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47901.

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Happy New Year to You & Your Family

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your family Peace, Hope & Love in the new year.

At LUM, we’re thankful for YOU and each individual who contributed to the successes at LUM in 2020. Although we were at least six feet apart, you were still in our heart. May you have a blessed New Year — full of family, friends, hope & love in 2021.

Gratefully yours,

LUM Board of Directors,
Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, and
LUM staff members

New Year’s Message from the LUM Executive Director

| Welcome 2021 | Six Feet Apart | Still in Our Heart |

Thank You

  • For your generous financial support of the program & services of LUM

Thank You

  • If you volunteered overnight or prepared a meal and delivered it to the LUM Emergency Shelter
  • If you volunteered as a LUM Camp counselor, After School Program tutor or in one of LUM’s other youth programs that are narrowing the academic achievement gap
  • If you attended the LUM Retirement Follies, contributed to LUM Good Samaritan Fund or served as an advocate with the LUM Good Samaritan Program, helping 1,550 families to avert utility disconnect or eviction from their homes
  • If you participated in the Port of Hope event or volunteered with the LUM Immigration Clinic
  • If you ran in the Turkey Trot 5K Run, or donated food or worked for the Community Thanksgiving Feast
  • If you donated, hosted a family, participated in Jubilee Christmas making Christmas possible for 1,499 local children in 525 local families
  • If you served on the LUM Board of Directors
  • If you fought hunger in our community by volunteering with the LUM Protein Food Pantry — or by participating in Hunger Hike
  • If you served as a LUM tax preparer and helped return hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds and credits to low-income households in our community

Thank you for being a friend in 2020. LUM has impacted a significant number of children and families in our community this year because of YOU. What YOU do for LUM is so important in enabling us to accomplish our mission — and restores dignity to families, encourages and educates children, is a positive force in our community — offering peace, hope & love to the families we serve.

Thank you for choosing us as your community partner this year. Here’s to another day of service to the people of this great community.

Offering Hospitality – EVERY Night Since 1984

LUM Emergency Shelter – the COVID-19 Response

Even before Indiana issued the Stay-At-Home order, LUM and other community agencies sprang into action to address the realities of the pandemic. Portable sinks were purchased, others were donated. Masks were hand-made and distributed free of charge. Extra protocols were put into effect, such as cleaning, sanitizing, taking nightly temperature checks, and practicing social distancing. And, as has been the case since it began in 1984, the LUM Emergency Shelter never missed a night of offering a safe, warm, secure place to those experiencing homelessness in our community.  

In the first eight months of 2020, LUM has provided over 5,500 overnight stays to 489 individuals, with four of those months in the midst of a global pandemic. All of the adaptation to COVID-19 realities has not been without cost. Additional cleaning supplies and equipment have been purchased and used. Volunteerism almost disappeared entirely during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. Additional paid staff hours have filled the volunteer gap. 

Nonetheless, LUM has continued to address the complex problems facing our guests who are chronically homeless. Addiction, mental illness, emotional and physical disabilities, and unwise choices — all exacerbated by the anxieties of the pandemic — have never been harder to overcome. But the LUM staff members, now led by the new LUM Emergency Shelter director, Briton Weise, have resiliently served our guests, helping the guests to see brighter future possibilities.

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Emergency Shelter

LUM Emergency Shelter – During a Crisis

A Letter from Wes Tillett, LUM Executive Director

Do you remember where you were on the night of Monday, March 23,when “Stay Home, Stay Safe” was ordered for the State of Indiana? 

I was home, safe and warm, playing board games with my wife and kids. Logan Smith (not his real name) was lining up in the frigid 37 degree temperatures to get inside the LUM Emergency Shelter. For Logan and many other people in Tippecanoe County who had no place to call home, “Stay Home, Stay Safe” was frighteningly unrealistic.   

  • How does one stay home and safe with no place to call home?
  • How does one regularly wash one’s hands without access to a sink?
  • How does one wear a mask when one doesn’t have one?  

LUM was there for Loganon March 23 — and every night since, providing a place to temporarily call home and stay safe. LUM understood that the risk of COVID-19 to the homeless population was not just a health concern for individuals experiencing homelessness themselves but, due to the highly contagious nature of coronavirus, a risk to broader public health as well.

I am grateful that Logan had somewhere to go on March 23 to stay safe from the cold, and stay safe from coronavirus. There are brighter days ahead for Logan and for all of us. We may have several more months of difficulty before we get there. God will give Logan and all of us strength to persevere.  

Please, will you make a generous financial gift to the Lafayette Urban Ministry Emergency Shelter, so that we can continue to offer people like Logan a warm, safe and caring place to shelter in these pandemic times?

With appreciation,

Wes Tillett, LUM Executive Director

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Bylaws – Lafayette Urban Ministry, Inc.

| Board of Directors | Mission | Bylaws | Meeting Agenda & Minutes |

Revised October 2016

Article I – Membership

  • Section 1
    Church Membership – Churches who desire to participate in the activities of the corporation by contributing financial and voluntary support to the general purpose of said corporation may become members upon written application and approval by a majority of the board of directors. 

Article II – Meeting of Members

  • Section 1
    Place of Meeting – Meetings of members shall be held at such place in Tippecanoe County, Indiana as may be specified in the respective calls, notices, or waivers of notice thereof. Unless otherwise designated meetings shall be held at the principal office of the corporation.
  • Section 2
    Annual Meeting – The annual meeting of the members of the corporation shall be held at the principal office of the corporation in December in conjunction with the monthly board of directors meeting for the purpose of organization, election of officers of the corporation and consideration of any other business which may be brought before the meeting. No notice shall be necessary for the holding of this annual meeting.  If the annual meeting of members is not held at the time designated in these bylaws, such failure shall not cause any defect in the existence of the corporation, and the directors then in office shall hold over until their successors shall be chosen and qualified.
  • Section 3
    Special Meetings – Special meetings of the members may be called by the president, by a majority of the board of directors, or by written petition signed by at least twenty (20) percent of the members.
  • Section 4
    Notice of meetings – Unless appropriately waived in writing, written notice stating the place, day, hour, agenda and for a special meeting the purpose of any meeting of members, shall be delivered in person, by mail, or by email, at least five (5) days before the proposed meeting day and time to each member or director, as the case may be, entitled to vote at such meeting, at such address as appears upon the records of the corporation.
  • Section 5
    Voting Rights – Each member of the corporation shall have such voting rights as are specified in the Articles of Incorporation of the corporation.
  • Section 6
    Quorum – At any meeting of the members those present to vote shall constitute a quorum, and a majority vote of such quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of any business by the meeting unless a greater number is required by law, the Articles of Incorporation, or this code of bylaws.

Article III – Board of Directors

  • Section 1
    Duties and Qualifications – The business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a board of directors, at least a majority of whom, as provided by law, shall be citizens of the United States.
  • Section 2
    Number and Terms of Office – There shall be one (1) director appointed by each member church and such other at-large directors as the Board of Directors from time to time deem appropriate.  All at-large directors shall be elected at a meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the board of directors and they shall serve until their successors shall be chosen and qualified unless they resign or are sooner removed as hereinafter provided. 
  • Section 3
    Vacancies – Any vacancy of the board of directors caused by death, resignation, or otherwise of an at-large director may be filled by a majority vote of the board of directors.  Any vacancy of the board of directors caused by death, resignation, or otherwise of a director appointed by a member church shall be filled by another person appointed by that member church. 
  • Section 4 –
    Removal of Directors – At any special meeting of members called for such purpose, any member of the board of directors may be removed with just cause by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members. Upon such removal of a director, the member church that appointed such director shall appoint a successor director for the unexpired term of the director removed.  In the event that the director so removed is an at-large director, a successor at-large directors shall be elected by a majority vote of the board of directors for the unexpired term of the director removed. Failure to elect a director at such meeting to fill the unexpired term of any director so removed shall be deemed to create a vacancy on the board of directors which may be filled by the remaining directors in accordance with section 3 of this article.
  • Section 5
    Meetings – Regular meetings of the board of directors shall be held monthly, or more or less frequently as determined by the Executive Council, at a time adopted pursuant to a resolution of the board of directors to such effect.  However, the board of directors shall have no fewer than nine (9) meetings in any given calendar year.  The Executive Council may cancel a regular meeting of the board of directors with no fewer than twenty-eight (28) days notice to board members. Special meetings may be held upon the call of the president or any three (3) members of the board and upon forty-eight (48) hours notice specifying the time, place and general purpose of the meeting was given to each director personally, or by mail, email or telephone.  No notice shall be necessary for any regular meeting, and notice of any other meeting may be waived in writing or email.  Attendance at any such meeting shall constitute waiver of notice of such meeting.
  • Section 6
    Quorum – At any meeting of the board of directors those present to vote shall constitute a quorum, and a majority vote of such quorum shall be necessary for the transaction of any business by the meeting unless a greater number is required by law, the Articles of Incorporation or this code of bylaws.

Article IV – Officers and Elections

  • Section 1
    Officers and Executive Council Members – Officers shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  Executive Council members shall be the liaison for personnel, for program and planning, and for facilities and the executive director.  The executive director shall be a non-voting member of the executive council.   
  • Section 2
    Report of the Nominating Committee and Nominations From the Floor – The report of the nominating committee shall be presented to the Board of Directors at least one month before the Annual Meeting.  Immediately following presentation of such report, nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member, providing the consent of the nominee shall have been secured.
  • Section 3
    Elections and Terms of Office – Elections shall be held each year at the Board of Directors Annual Meeting.  A majority vote of those qualified to vote and voting shall constitute an election.
  • Section 4
    Vacancies – Whenever any vacancies shall occur in any of the offices of the corporation, the same may be filled by the board of directors at a regular meeting.  Any officer so elected shall hold office until the next annual meeting of the board of directors and until his successor shall be duly elected and qualified.
  • Section 5
    Removal – Any officer of the corporation may be removed at the pleasure of the board of directors whenever a majority of such board shall vote in favor of a removal.

Article V – Powers and Duties of Officers

  • Section 1
    President – The president shall preside at all meetings of members and directors and shall have such other powers and duties as this code of bylaws or the board of directors may prescribe.
  • Section 2
    Vice-President – The vice president shall sit during the absence or incapacity of the president and, when doing so acting shall have the power and duties of the president.
  • Section 3
    Secretary  –  The secretary shall attend all meetings of members and of the board of directors and shall keep, or cause to be kept, a true and complete record of the proceedings of such meetings, and shall perform a like duty, when required, for all standing committees appointed by the board of directors;  shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices of the corporation required by the code of bylaws and in general shall perform all duties pertaining to the office of secretary and such other duties as this code of bylaws or the board of directors may prescribe.       
  • Section 4
    Treasurer – The Treasurer shall ensure that correct and complete records of account, showing accurately at all times the financial condition of the corporation are kept. The treasurer shall submit quarterly, or whenever requested, a statement of the financial condition of the corporation to the board and members and cause an annual audit to be performed.
  • Section 5
    Executive Council – This council shall have the power to act as the board of directors when the board of directors is not in session. These actions are to be reported to the board of directors at the next meeting of said board.

Article VI – Miscellaneous

  • Section 1
    Corporate Seal – The Corporation reserves the right to adopt a seal at some other time if desired. All acts of the corporation shall be valid and binding without the affixing of the seal.
  • Section 2
    Execution of contracts and other documents  –  Unless otherwise ordered by the board of directors, all written contracts and other documents entered into by the corporation shall be executed on behalf of the corporation by the executive director.
  • Section 3
    Fiscal Year – The fiscal year of the corporation shall be the calendar year.
  • Section 4
    Committees – The Corporation may establish such permanent and ad hoc committees as it may from time to time deem appropriate upon resolution duly passed by a majority of said board.
  • Section 5
    The Firm Foundations For the Future Fund is an unrestricted fund whose revenue is designated to LUM’s annual operating budget for the support LUM’s programs.  Use of the fund’s principal or change in the use of the fund’s revenue may only be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of members at a special meeting of members.  The Firm Foundations for the Future Fund also serves as a true endowment for contributions so designated by an individual donor.  In such cases, an individual’s gift is held in perpetuity with income from the gift designated to LUM’s programs.

Article VII Amendments

  • Section 1
    Amendments of Bylaws – Subject to law and the Articles of Incorporation, the power to make, alter, amend or repeal all or any part of this code of Bylaws is vested in the board of directors. These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the board of directors by a majority vote, provided that such an amendment has been presented at the immediately preceding meeting of said board.

To view PDF version of the LUM Bylaws, click HERE.

In Memoriam – Jillaine Shoop & Marge Fitzgerald

LUM Lost Two Special Friends This Week

Jillaine Shoop

Jillaine A. Shoop of West Lafayette passed away July 13, at her home following a three-year long battle with cancer. She was a Twin Lakes High School graduate, earned her bachelors & Master’s degrees in Elementary Education from Ball State University, and was a teacher, librarian, supervisor of student teachers, director of religious education, and lay minister.
At LUM, Jillaine was a dedicated volunteer, assisting where ever she was needed including as an bi-weekly afternoon receptionist and with Jubilee Christmas.

Jillaine is survived by her husband of 40 years, Orlo G. Shoop, her daughter Jenaiah, her son Wesley, her granddaughter Isabella, her brother Galen and her sister Pequita.

Marge Fitzgerald

Marjorie B. Fitzgerald of Lafayette passed away earlier this week. She attended St. Francis High School, St. Francis College, and worked for the Purdue Agricultural Department.
At LUM, Marge was a longtime volunteer. She served on the Board of Directors for eight years representing her parish, St. Mary’s Cathedral, was a Good Samaritan Program case manager and Jubilee Christmas volunteer.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Lawrence, and her son, Philip; and survived by her four children (Jeanne, Susan, Dennis & Nancy), 17 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Compromiso con el patrimonio y la profesión

Conozca a nuestra nueva directora asistente
Mónica Casanova

por Andrea Axsom

La Clínica de Inmigración de LUM desea presentar a su nueva directora asistente, Monica Casanova. Los roles principales de Mónica incluyen la posible captación de clientes y ayudar a los clientes a navegar el proceso de inmigración.

Mónica es una inmigrante de primera generación que nació en México y emigró a los Estados Unidos cuando era bebé. Ella recuerda cómo esta experiencia “me formó como individuo y como directora asistente. Como primera generación, me sentí avergonzado de no haber nacido en los Estados Unidos y si me hubieras preguntado a los 10 años, de mala gana te diría o mentiría sobre dónde nací “.

Su familia quedó indocumentada hasta que el presidente Reagan aprobó la Ley de Amnistía en 1986, lo que permitió a su familia salir de las sombras y vivir sin miedo. Después de que se promulgó la ley, ella recuerda que “pudimos visitar a mis abuelos en México por primera vez. Recuerdo a mi madre corriendo por un maizal gritándole a su madre la primera vez que la visitamos. Fue la primera visita de mis padres en diez años “.

Las experiencias de la infancia de Mónica le permitieron convertirse en quien es hoy y han alimentado su pasión por trabajar en inmigración. Mónica es el primer miembro de su familia en graduarse de la escuela secundaria y asistir a la universidad, recibiendo un B.A. en Educación y una maestría en Biblioteconomía e Historia Pública.

Mónica es miembro fundador de Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies y actual vicepresidenta de la junta. También es una candidata política por primera vez, que se postuló para el boleto demócrata para el asiento del Consejo General del Condado de Tippecanoe.