Good Samaritan Fund is Empowering Hope

Providing Vital Assistance to Local Families in Need

Every weekday, the LUM Financial Assistance Program relies on the LUM Good Samaritan Fund to directly help our neighbors prevent evictions, utility disconnections, or lapses in prescription medications. Every dollar given to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund goes directly to assist a local family in need, with no administrative overhead.

In 2023, LUM disbursed $135,498 through the LUM Good Samaritan Fund, aiding 1,398 households. With your help, we aim to assist approximately 1,400 families this year. The need continues, and every day, many neighbors face financial crises. On their behalf, I ask you to contribute to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund to maintain this vital safety net.

LUM relies on donations to support the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. This past winter, limited funds forced us to cut back on the number of households that LUM was able to help. A summer outpouring of generosity will ensure the LUM does not have to cut back again. For example, $70 provides the average GSF disbursement to one household$200 supports one household for a year$560 funds a day’s disbursements, and $2,800 covers a week’s worth. Even modest financial assistance can have a significant positive impact. Please consider donating or setting up a legacy gift to support this empowering hand of hope in times of crisis.

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