Sponsor a LUM Camper & Transform a Life

LUM Camp is Transformative & Life-Changing

LUM Camp, a key part of LUM Youth Programs along with the After School Program and 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program, offers local children aged 8-10 a premier camp experience.

With the “Animals” theme in 2024 and annual activities like swimming, horseback riding, arts, and chapel, guided by caring counselors, LUM Camp provides a transformative week of fun and growth.

Your support is essential to making LUM Camp a reality. Would you consider sponsoring a child to attend? A donation of $300 sponsors one LUM Camper, $600 sponsors two, or $150 covers half a sponsorship. Since the 1960s, LUM Camp has been changing lives with countless stories of impact and with scientific research affirming its long-term benefits. 

This July 23-26, LUM hosts another unforgettable experience at the beautiful Hanging Rock Christian Camp, aiming to benefit 90 children. Your contribution, beyond the $5 parent contribution, covers transportation, food, lodging, camp activities, and supplies. Your investment will provide short-term fun and long-term life skills and memories for these children. 

Will you join us in offering the gift of LUM Camp to local children eagerly awaiting their chance to attend?

  • $300 = sponsor 1 LUM camper
  • $600 = sponsor 2 LUM campers
  • $150 = ½ LUM Camp sponsorship
  • Any amount will support LUM Youth Programs

What’s in it for the CAMPERS? Quite simply, an unforgettable experience with lifelong impacts. Studies affirm that a week at camp can yield enduring benefits, including heightened self-confidence, improved social and motor skills, enhanced curiosity, spiritual growth, and a more positive sense of self. LUM Camp, tailored for ages 8-10, promises a medley of outdoor adventures, creative pursuits, water activities, and more.

What’s in it for the COUNSELORS? They’ll earn 100 volunteer hours, enjoy complimentary delicious meals, engage with local youth, make a significant difference in a child’s life, form new friendships with fellow counselors, and partake in a week filled with fun. If you’re unable to volunteer, please consider contributing $300 to sponsor a child. Each donation has a meaningful impact.




For any inquiries, please reach out to Wes Tillett, lead counselor, at wtillett@LUMserve.org. Come join us for LUM Camp! And please, spread the word. Your support of LUM Camp changes lives.

Are you willing? Are you ready to make a difference?

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