Experiences Benefit LUM Immigration Clinic

LUM Gala of Hope Experiences – Update & Photos

During the Gala of Hope fundraising event held in June, which aimed to support the LUM Immigration Clinic, attendees had the opportunity to acquire truly exceptional experiences. Two of these have recently taken place: Pie Baking 101 with Sarah Rawlings (pictured right) and Play with Clay with Scott Frankenberger (pictured left).

At Pie Baking 101, participants had the privilege of delving into the world of pie making alongside a seasoned expert, gaining valuable insights into this culinary art. And others at Play with Clay had the chance to nurture their creative side in pottery under the guidance of a skilled artist. In addition to their personal enrichment, participants in these activities contributed directly to the noble cause of the LUM Immigration Clinic, supporting its essential work.

LUM extends its sincere gratitude to the individuals who generously donated these unique experiences and those who eagerly purchased them. If you were unable to attend the Gala of Hope event but would like to make a meaningful impact on the LUM Immigration Clinic, LUM invites you to consider making a donation or exploring volunteering opportunities. Your support is invaluable in helping us continue our mission.

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