Hello Spring!

LUM Has Begun Planning for Spring & Summer

It’s springtime again. A time of rebirth and rejoicing — when days get longer, flowers bloom, and weather warms up. Spring also symbolizes new beginning, starting fresh, and starting over. At LUM, planning has begun for spring and summer programs & events.

Youth Programs

LUM is preparing for the end of the school year, and students are spending more time outside. Enrollment is open for the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program, and the focus will be on maintaining or improving academic proficiency of each student through the summer break. LUM will be using a pre-test/post-test instrument to measure this with LUM students.

Assistance & Food Programs

LUM has seen a steady increase in the number of households needing the services of the LUM Food PantriesFinancial Assistance Program, and Immigration Clinic. Although the assistance doesn’t change from season to season, it is important to remember that families are still struggling to eat, keep their lights on, and stay housed. Some will also need help in maintaining their legal status.

Homeless Services

The LUM Emergency Shelter is open every evening. As the temperatures rise, LUM will offer a cool place to sleep every evening for individuals experiencing homelessness. LUM also offers a cool place during the day to sit, rest, get a drink of water, and a bagged meal. A kind face and a cool seat may be exactly what our neighbors need to combat the potential dangers the summertime brings.

Donate & Serve

Spring & summer means family vacations and more time spent outdoors. It is typically when LUM also sees fewer volunteers and monetary gifts. Please consider volunteering, especially at the LUM Emergency Shelter. Donations are appreciated but LUM would also love for you to attend the upcoming LUM Immigration Clinic fundraising event — Gala of Hope on Saturday, June 24.

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