Pray | Fast | Give – For Your Neighbors

LUM is Tackling Human Needs & Uplifting People

In many religious faiths, this is the most celebrated time of year. The pillars of this revered time are prayer (justice towards your faith), fasting (justice toward yourself), and giving & serving (justice toward your neighbors).

Please consider investing in LUM. Monetary donations to LUM, especially unrestricted donations, are ideal because it gives LUM the ability to use the money where it is needed the most. But many people are looking for more unique ways to give.

Donating stock, real estate, cryptocurrency or artwork, is becoming more popular. Or maybe you would prefer to name LUM in your last will & testament. The benefits of Estate Planned Gifts can make these types of donations attractive to you as well as LUM. You may also donate “needed items” or sponsor a collection drive — perhaps at your next event, like a party or business meeting/social. Check the LUM Wish List and keep it simple. For example, sponsor a Toilet Paper Drive or ask your guests to bring items needed for the shelter or food pantries.

To find more information on giving to LUM, go to LUMserve.org/donate.

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