Stock Donation

To donate, you simply click the “Donate Stock to LUM” button.

You’ll be walked through the process and your information will be saved so should you return to give again it will be even easier the second time.

You’ll get a confirmation as soon as the transaction is processed. This is an easy way to help us and help yourself, too.

Several of our supporters have been using stock donations to supplement their cash donations and LUM wanted to make you aware of how easy this option is. You may be able to take a tax deduction for the full market value of appreciated stock. And, you don’t have to pay capital gains on stock gifts. It’s a great option that does not cut into disposable income or cash assets. You may want to meet with your tax advisor to ask questions, but it is very easy.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your giving options further, please call or email Wes Tillett, LUM executive director (765-423-2691 | wtillett@LUMserve.org).