Northview Church Donates Books to LUM

New Books for the LUM Youth Center Library

Recently, the members of the Greater Lafayette Campus of Northview Church gave a special gift to the LUM students — BOOKS!

All of the LUM youth programs are enhanced learning experiences for our students that include a time to read. Whether it is after school, during the summer months or at LUM Camp, reading time is a fun and engaging part of the LUM youth curriculum. That is why this gift from the members of Northview Church is so special.

If you or your group wishes to support LUM Youth Programs you may donate “needed items,” like books, make a cash donation, or volunteer. Cash donations are preferred because they allow LUM to purchase what is needed, when it’s needed. Donations of “needed items” are also welcome and appreciated. If you wish to donate items to LUM, here is our Wish List. Please either ship or drop off items to the LUM Office (420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901).

Thanks again to the Northview Church members for their thoughtful gift and support of LUM and the students we teach.

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