TAX Assistance – Volunteers Needed

This year due to strict COVID-19 protocols, the LUM Tax Assistance Program needs more volunteers than usual.

LUM has developed a “no contact” plan to get taxes done, and volunteers are needed. Many of our clients will be getting their tax information to us online. However, there will be plenty of clients who lack either the technology or the confidence to do that. LUM is offering “no contact” sessions every weekend from February through April where clients can drop off their materials and get them scanned. All interactions with clients will happen through a glass door using a drop slot to collect materials.

 The LUM Tax Assistance Program needs volunteers to help:

  • Verify client IDs and collect their documents
  • Scan their documents and get them uploaded to a secure site

 Tax time can be scary, and without the normal in-person tax clinics that our clients are so used to, this year is likely to be scarier than most. YOU can make things a little easier, and provide a valuable service to the struggling families who rely on LUM to get their taxes done. If you would like to find out more, please email the Tax Assistance program manager, Josh Prokopy, at jprokopy@lumserve.org.

Empathy | Engagement | Energy | Experience

Did you know?

There are many benefits to volunteering with LUM. Serving your community not only helps others but also has benefits YOU!

  • You gain EXPERIENCE
  • You become more EMPATHETIC
  • You  are HAPPIER
  • You reduce your STRESS

There are many different opportunities for volunteering at LUM, from working one-on-one with a child to helping run the homeless shelter. Check out the current volunteer needs listed below.

Immediate Openings — LUM Volunteer Needs

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