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LUM Client Corner — Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel B., a LUM client from Lafayette.

Rachel is a single mom who lived with her mother and her daughter. When her mother unexpectedly passed away last summer, things changed for them.

In order to move forward, Rachel soon discovered that she needed to get a new Birth Certificate. Her current birth certificate does not include her first name because her parents did not name her until a later time. This has created problems for Rachel in a few situations. Rachel has a fixed income and is on a tight budget; so, when faced with dealing with this process and paying the fees — she was overwhelmed and needed assistance.

After searching on the internet for local resources, Rachel found and turned to the LUM Good Samaritan Program & ID Clinic. LUM staff helped her get a new birth certificate with her first name included, a new Social Security card with her full name and finally an Indiana Driver’s License. The entire process took over seven months and included a number of fees. LUM assisted with the process, covered the ID fees, and even helped get some items for her food pantry at home through the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry.

Without the assistance of the LUM Good Samaritan Program, She would not have been able to get this accomplished as quickly — and would have had to cut her food budget for her and her daughter — and all at a time when she is grieving the death of her mother.

Rachel shared that the LUM Good Samaritan Program director has been a blessing to her and her family — and is thankful that such a wonderful and important program exists in her community.


Please attend LUM Follies & support the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. If you are unable to attend and wish to make a donation directly to the Good Samaritan Fund, click HERE.

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You are cordially invited to attend the 5th Annual LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies on Friday, April 15. The LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies is a spectacular evening filled with great food, lively entertainment, wonderful company — and for an important cause.

Please join us and make your reservations today — it would be our honor. LUM Follies’ details and schedule are as follows:

  • DATE – Friday, April 15, 2016
  • PLACE – St. Andrew United Methodist Church, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • PRICE – $45 per person; $360 per table (max. 8)
  • TIMES 
    • 5:30 p.m. — Reception & Silent Auction
    • 6:30 p.m. — Dinner (see Menu below)
    • 7:30 p.m. — Follies Entertainment

All of the proceeds from the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies go directly to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. The Good Samaritan Fund primarily funds the LUM Good Samaritan Program, which is our community’s social safety net. Assistance is provided each weekday morning in averting eviction, utility disconnects, food shortage, and other emergency financial needs. Last year, 2,276 local families received $128,165 in emergency financial assistance from the LUM Good Samaritan Fund.

The LUM Good Samaritan Fund is such a vital assistance program for the families in our communities. Please support the Good Samaritan Fund by attending this year’s Follies. And Thank You!


  • Starter — Wedge salad and Crusty bread
  • Main
    • Chicken cacciatore with polenta, green beans -or-
    • Savory nut loaf with cranberry orange sauce, green beans (vegetarian)
  • Dessert — Carrot cake or Coconut cake with ice cream; Coffee & tea


  • Brad Bodine — guitar — St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Linda Hicks & the Riff-Tides — jazz combo
  • His In Song — trio — First United Methodist Church
  • Kelly Jacobs & Mark Buche — duet — Cathedral of St. Mary
  • Indiana State Representative Sheila Klinker
  • Fred Koning — singer — Cathedral of St. Mary
  • The Magic of Marcus Lehmann
  • Joe Peters & Linda Hicks — duet — University Church
  • Work in Progress — bluegrass — St. Andrew United Methodist Church


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