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LUM ID Clinic – Changing Lives One ID at a Time

Providing Assistance in Getting an ID

DID YOU KNOW? That without a government issued identification card, birth certificate and Social Security card, individuals CANNOT or find it difficult to do the following:

  • Open a BANK account
  • Accept a JOB offer
  • Enroll in SCHOOL
  • Get HOUSING: Sign a lease, rent an apartment
  • VOTE
  • Get an Indiana DRIVER’S license
  • Buy, lease or rent a CAR
  • See a DOCTOR, get medical treatment
  • Apply for and receive government ASSISTANCE such as food stamps, WIC, disability benefits, free federal school lunch, VA benefits

The LUM ID Clinic specializes in helping individuals obtain an ID card — including getting a birth certificate and Social Security card, often needed to get the ID card. To apply for an Indiana ID card, individuals must provide proofs of identity and residence, Social Security card and birth certificate; and pay a $13 fee (every six years) — not to mention fees of as much as $50 for a copy of a birth certificate. Additionally, getting an ID can be a complicated and frustrating process often requiring multiple visits to a state office and many phone calls. It is even more of a challenge for members of our community who are homeless.

The ID Clinic is one of the most important, life changing programs at LUM but one of which individuals are least aware. It is led by Linda Hicks, the LUM Good Samaritan Program director, and is offered as a free service three days a week. Please keep the LUM ID Clinic in mind when you meet someone struggling with the process of getting an ID Card — and invest in this important program by making a donation today.

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LUM Position – Immediate Opening – Program Director

LUM has an immediate opening for the Tax Assistance Program Director. Please review the information below — and share with others. Applications will be reviewed as received.

position announcementsProgram Director – Tax Assistance Program

This is a half-time (20 hours per week), paid ($1,429 per month), temporary position, which ends on April 30, 2019. The individual selected will direct the program that provides free federal and state tax preparation for lower wage earners. Successful candidates must pass the online IRS tax preparation certification.

To view the position description, click HERE.

Please email your resume and cover letter to lum@lumserve.org by December 5, 2019.

Linda Hicks – Familiar Face in a New Role

New LUM Good Samaritan Program Director

Linda Hicks started with LUM in 2005. She will continue to serve as the Office Manager and assist with LUM Camp — but now will also be the director of the LUM Good Samaritan Program. As program director, Linda will be responsible for the emergency assistance fund and fund distributions as well as the LUM ID Clinic.

Linda grew up in West Lafayette; graduated from Harrison High School; and currently lives in West Lafayette with her husband and daughter. She earned a BA in Early Childhood Education from Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Joe Micon, LUM executive director, shared that

“for over a decade, Linda has been an invaluable leader at LUM. I’m confident that she will continue to excel in her new role and will continue to have a tremendous, positive impact on the families in our community.”

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Clarinda Crawford—Celebration of 7 Years of Service

This past weekend the members of Congress Street United Methodist Church hosted a reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford. At this event, Joe Micon, LUM executive director and Mark Thomas, LUM board president, presented Clarinda with a special proclamation from the LUM Board of Directors and staff. The proclamation stated that, “Clarinda possesses a prophetic thirst for social justice, always calling the wider faith community to respond to the needs of the oppressed with fairness and compassion.”

The event was joyful celebration of Clarinda’s seven years of service to the community through Lafayette Urban Ministry and Congress Street United Methodist Church. It is clear that Clarinda had a positive impact on many people and programs during her time in Lafayette and will be greatly missed. Pictured L to R are Penny Glotzbach, Congress St. UMC representative to the LUM board, Clarinda Crawford, Mark Thomas & Joe Micon.

To view more PHOTOS of Reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click HERE.
To make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in her honor, click HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Fond Farewell to Clarinda Crawford

5673429760076 (2)

After a fruitful seven year relationship with Lafayette Urban Ministry, Rev. Clarinda Crawford announced that she will be moving to Franklin, North Carolina, at the end of this month to serve two congregations in the United Methodist Church. Clarinda served as a pastor-liaison to the LUM Board of Directors and eventually became an officer serving on the Executive Committee for two terms. For the past 18 months, Clarinda has been the program director overseeing the LUM Good Samaritan Program, which includes the Good Samaritan Fund and the ID Clinic.

2016-01-20 CCrawford 014 (2) (1280x852)

Clarinda shared that leaving LUM “comes with a mix of emotions — part mournful, part restless, and wrapped in the excitement” of what this next phase will offer. Through her work with LUM, Clarinda has made a positive impact on the clients in the Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic — using her numerous skills, knowledge of technology, awareness of resources, and experience. She has empathy for those in need and has made improvements in the day-to-day process of both the ID Clinic and the Good Samaritan Program. Clarinda will be missed, but she has left the program in great shape for LUM and her successor.


Please join us to celebrate Clarinda’s service to the community at a reception hosted by the Congress Street United Methodist Church on Saturday, June 24 from 2 to 4 p.m.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Career Opportunity at LUM — Program Director Position Open

position announcements

Program Director – Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic

If interested—please Email, Mail or Drop-off a resume with cover letter to the LUM Executive Director (lum@lumserve.org | 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901)
Before noon on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Type: Half-time, paid

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. EST
Pay: Salary: $16,814; Cash benefit: $5,044: Eligible for 
vacation, sick time, personal days & paid holidays


  • Receives and responds to requests from the public for emergency financial aid
  • Helps those without legal photo identification to navigate public agency ID rules and regulations
  • Recruits, trains, schedules and supervises volunteers


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university required
  • Experience using QuickBooks and computer database

If interested—please Email, Mail or Drop-off a resume with cover letter to the LUM Executive Director (lum@lumserve.org | 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901)
Before noon on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spotlight on the LUM ID Clinic

One of the most critical yet lesser known services offered by Lafayette Urban Ministry is the ID Clinic. The LUM ID Clinic is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and is a service to all residents of Tippecanoe County.

The ID Clinic offers individuals assistance with the process of getting a valid ID Card (Indiana Identification Card) and Birth Certificate.

The process of gathering all of the documentation needed to obtain a basic, legal ID is often tricky, expensive and requires a birth certificate — the procedure and cost of which to obtain  differs from state to state.

Today an ID is necessary for many basic functions including accepting a new job, obtaining housing, opening a bank account, voting, traveling, attending school, and getting a driver’s license. In 2016, the LUM ID Clinic helped close to 200 individuals in “cutting the red tape” associated with re-establishing their legal identities. The LUM ID Clinic is directed by the Rev. Clarinda Crawford (pictured above). Chris S., a recent client of the ID Clinic shared, “I have not had an Indiana ID since moving here in February of 2016 — and now that I finally have one — I am able to get my own housing.” Chris S. has also been a guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter. These are the type of life changing stories that are told by those served by the LUM ID Clinic.

If you would like more information on the LUM ID Clinic, click HERE. If you wish to support the ID Clinic with a donation, click HERE — and attend the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies on Friday, May 5 — click HERE for more details.

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Meet Rev. Clarinda Crawford — New LUM Program Director

Rev. Clarinda E. Crawford
— LUM Good Samaritan Program & ID Clinic, 
program director

5673429760076 (2)Rev. Clarinda E. Crawford is the new LUM program director responsible for the Good Samaritan Program & ID Clinic. She is excited about her new role with Lafayette Urban Ministry because it gives her an opportunity to continue to do what she can for “the oppressed, the poor, the hungry, and all the least of these who present themselves in need of LUM’s services.” She feels pride in getting to do something she loves while “being surrounded by others with incredibly gracious, generous and love-filled hearts.” Clarinda also believes in the power of Hope; stating, “If whatever it is you’re doing doesn’t bring HOPE to someone, somewhere — then why do it?”

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

2016-01-20 CCrawford 034 (2) (1280x1280)Clarinda believes that “theology is an ongoing pilgrimage and life is an ongoing muddled paradox.” She finds inspiration in “all people since Jesus’ time who have and continue to fight for the oppressed, the poor, the hungry and all the least of these in the local and global societies that comprise our very-human world.”

Originally from Attica, Clarinda now lives in Lafayette, Indiana with her two dogs: Fuzzy (mutt; age 14) and Bentley (Weimaraner; age 10.5).

Rev. Clarinda Crawford is currently the lead pastor at Congress Street United Methodist Church (Lafayette), a bus driver for the Lafayette School Corporation, and a member of several community groups and boards including the Inter-Religious Network of Greater Lafayette, which she founded in 2010. She also served on the LUM Board of Directors for five years including two terms on the Executive Council.

Clarinda graduated from Attica 2016-01-20 CCrawford 014 (2) (1280x852)Junior/Senior High School and DePauw University with majors in communications & political science. She also earned her Master of Divinity from the Christian Theological Seminary with a focus on theology and pastoral care & counseling. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program with a focus on nonprofit management, public management, policy analysis & public finance administration at Indiana University.

Clarinda also loves the beach — Grand Strand in South Carolina, to be more specific — and anything starring, directed by or written about Robert Redford.

In a short time, Clarinda has already made a positive impact on the clients in the Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic — using her numerous skills, knowledge of technology, and experience to learn about the position and the fund, meet the clients, and make suggestions for improvements in the process. “I am so pleased we are able to bring Rev. Clarinda Crawford onto LUM’s very outstanding staff. We are so fortunate that she has chosen to share her considerable talents on behalf of those we serve here. Clarinda has a real heart for helping and a commitment to making our world a more fair and just place for everyone” shared Joe Micon, LUM executive director.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, please go to www.lumserve.org/donate.

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Mary Anderson celebrates 20 Years with LUM

2014-10-01 MaryAnderson20th 003 (3)Twenty years ago this month, Rev. Carl Malmgren saw something special in Mary Anderson and recommended that she be offered the three-month, part-time position with LUM to coordinate Jubilee Christmas 1994. Malmgren was a member of the LUM Board of Directors and was the chair of the search committee for this position. Joe Micon, executive director, was pleased with Mary’s work with Jubilee Christmas and invited her back in the Spring of 1995 to be the co-director of LUM Camp – another three-month, part-time position. Opportunities like this continued for Mary and in the next few years she served as the Shelter Director, the director of the Summer Lunch program and the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry Director.

In 1998, Mary found her niche when she became the director of the LUM Advocate Program, now known as the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Program. During these early years, Mary was also the director of the Summer Lunch Program and Jubilee Christmas. The LUM Board of Directors demonstrated their confidence in Mary’s work and ability when they asked her to serve as the interim LUM executive director from 2004-2008 (during Joe Micon’s leave of absence to serve as the Indiana State Representative for the 26th District). This was an important time for LUM because they were beginning a capital campaign which would enable LUM to initiate new programs and move into a new office building.

During her tenure with LUM, moving was nothing new. In 1994, Mary started her work with LUM on 8th Street; she served as the director of the food pantry out of a storefront on Main Street; and in 1995 moved to 525 N 4th Street, a new building that would serve as the LUM emergency shelter, youth programs center, and administrative offices. Her final move was in 2010 to her current office in the new administrative building at 420 N 4th Street.2014-10-01 MaryAnderson20th 010 (2)

Today, Mary Anderson could not be more perfectly suited for her role at LUM. Mary directs one program which she founded and another which she has enhanced and modified over the years – the ID Clinic and the Good Samaritan Fund Program, respectively. Reflecting on her 20 years of service to the LUM clients and families, Mary is confounded by how much has changed as well as how many things have not.

Mary looks to two pivotal points in our country’s history as catalysts for change in her work with low income families: the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the recent recession. After 9/11, our country implemented laws and practices that greatly affected the poor and the homeless. Caring for the “least of us” is no longer a priority in our nation – as it was during the Great Depression and again in the 1960’s – and it may never be again. We must accept this and continue to do the best we can within those parameters. This has made Mary a strong advocate for eliminating the Voter ID law – which makes it very difficult for the homeless and low-income individuals to obtain picture ID and to vote. She is proud that her deposition was included in the US Supreme Court case brought against the Indiana Voter ID law.

2014-10-01 MaryAnderson20th 018 (2)

Mary enjoys getting to know those she serves. It gives her joy and hope to work face-to-face with individuals looking for a little bit of assistance to get past a difficult time. These interactions sometimes also give her some sad moments – especially when she sees poverty passed from one generation to the next. Before this recent recession, Mary saw mostly individuals who were “generationally” poor or “gradually” poor. Recently though there have been more and more individuals who are “suddenly” poor and in need of assistance for the first time in their lives. Individuals who used to help others are suddenly asking for help. Upon reflection, Mary shares that she couldn’t do this work if there wasn’t a social justice component at LUM. She is hopeful and see better days in the future only if there is a focus on changing our laws and priorities to serve each and every one of our neighbors.

2014-10-01 MaryAnderson20th 003 (2)

Through all of this, Mary still feels like she has the greatest job around. She emphasizes that one must be realistic on how much one’s able to offer – and must find ways to keep your perspective. Mary proudly proclaims that she has a life outside of the walls of LUM – and engages in some meaningful activities with her church. She also gives her family much of the credit for keeping her grounded. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mary met her husband while attending Purdue and has been here since. Today, Mary and Mike have three sons and four (of the world’s best) grandchildren.

Twenty years have flown by for Mary Anderson. But for this community, for LUM, for the families and individuals served by LUM – we are so much better off for Mary’s years of service – and her vision for what could be done at LUM which has served as a road map to a better future for all.

Mission Moment — The Shelter’s Rebekah Miller

2013-02-05 LUM Emergency Shelter 029 (2) Dusk has fallen and most of our community is cleaning up after dinner and settling in for the evening with their families. But for Rebekah Miller, her work is just beginning. Rebekah Miller oversees the LUM emergency shelter as the Live-in Shelter Coordinator. Rebekah’s official residence is Greenwood, but she has lived in North Carolina and Texas and has spent summers as a youth in New Orleans with her family. Rebekah is a 2nd-year, scholarship student studying civil engineering at Purdue University.

Last fall (2012) Rebekah was looking for a job. Like most students she turned to the student employment website to see what was available. The LUM posting for a part-time, overnight position at the emergency shelter stood out and intrigued Rebekah. Since her youth, Rebekah has been attracted to “mission-type” work.

A once aspiring missionary, Rebekah has hoped for many years to travel the world and offer her expertise to make life better for villages and communities. So when Rebekah informed her family that she accepted a position at the LUM emergency homeless shelter not one of her friends or family members were surprised.

Rebekah was part-time in the fall and was offered the full-time position at the LUM shelter in January 2013.

Each night, shelter guests begin lining up around 9 p.m. and Rebekah with her volunteer crew is ready to greet each guest. The check-in process is detailed and specific and the expectations of the guests are firm. Rebekah moves the process along efficiently and with the warmth of a good friend.

Her nightly goal is to create a safe environment where guests respect each other as well as feel valued and comfortable. Rebekah 2013-02-05 LUM Emergency Shelter 036 (2)accomplishes this by balancing being a servant with reinforcing rules and giving structure. Her demeanor is calming and her attitude is uplifting. She has gotten better at listening, being non-judgmental, and outwardly portraying a positive attitude.

Rebekah freely offers that this experience has had more of an impact on her than the shelter guests. She learns something new about herself each night. Rebekah shared that this opportunity for her is guided by God as is the rest of her life.

Working at the shelter from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. allows her to spend her days focused on her academic pursuits. For Rebekah the LUM shelter position is perfect because the hours don’t interfere with her school work and she’s passionate about serving others.

Rebekah knows that after graduation she wants to work oversees with a not-for-profit, non-governmental agency that utilizes her engineering expertise. Rebekah shared that her dream job would involve “digging wells in Africa” for safe drinking water and doing disaster relief construction work.

In addition to her studies and work with LUM, Rebekah is a leadership team assistant with the Women in Engineering Program teaching, mentoring, and tutoring local middle school students.

Joyce Fasani, the LUM emergency shelter program director, thinks very highly of Rebekah and her work with the shelter thus far.

Joyce stated that “Rebekah adds the ideal combination of professionalism and compassion. She has a way of commanding respect and gaining trust quickly with our guests. We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

2013-02-05 LUM Emergency Shelter 024 (2)