Spotlight on the LUM ID Clinic

One of the most critical yet lesser known services offered by Lafayette Urban Ministry is the ID Clinic. The LUM ID Clinic is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and is a service to all residents of Tippecanoe County.

The ID Clinic offers individuals assistance with the process of getting a valid ID Card (Indiana Identification Card) and Birth Certificate.

The process of gathering all of the documentation needed to obtain a basic, legal ID is often tricky, expensive and requires a birth certificate — the procedure and cost of which to obtain  differs from state to state.

Today an ID is necessary for many basic functions including accepting a new job, obtaining housing, opening a bank account, voting, traveling, attending school, and getting a driver’s license. In 2016, the LUM ID Clinic helped close to 200 individuals in “cutting the red tape” associated with re-establishing their legal identities. The LUM ID Clinic is directed by the Rev. Clarinda Crawford (pictured above). Chris S., a recent client of the ID Clinic shared, “I have not had an Indiana ID since moving here in February of 2016 — and now that I finally have one — I am able to get my own housing.” Chris S. has also been a guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter. These are the type of life changing stories that are told by those served by the LUM ID Clinic.

If you would like more information on the LUM ID Clinic, click HERE. If you wish to support the ID Clinic with a donation, click HERE — and attend the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies on Friday, May 5 — click HERE for more details.

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