LUM ID Clinic – Changing Lives One ID at a Time

Providing Assistance in Getting an ID

DID YOU KNOW? That without a government issued identification card, birth certificate and Social Security card, individuals CANNOT or find it difficult to do the following:

  • Open a BANK account
  • Accept a JOB offer
  • Enroll in SCHOOL
  • Get HOUSING: Sign a lease, rent an apartment
  • VOTE
  • Get an Indiana DRIVER’S license
  • Buy, lease or rent a CAR
  • See a DOCTOR, get medical treatment
  • Apply for and receive government ASSISTANCE such as food stamps, WIC, disability benefits, free federal school lunch, VA benefits

The LUM ID Clinic specializes in helping individuals obtain an ID card — including getting a birth certificate and Social Security card, often needed to get the ID card. To apply for an Indiana ID card, individuals must provide proofs of identity and residence, Social Security card and birth certificate; and pay a $13 fee (every six years) — not to mention fees of as much as $50 for a copy of a birth certificate. Additionally, getting an ID can be a complicated and frustrating process often requiring multiple visits to a state office and many phone calls. It is even more of a challenge for members of our community who are homeless.

The ID Clinic is one of the most important, life changing programs at LUM but one of which individuals are least aware. It is led by Linda Hicks, the LUM Good Samaritan Program director, and is offered as a free service three days a week. Please keep the LUM ID Clinic in mind when you meet someone struggling with the process of getting an ID Card — and invest in this important program by making a donation today.

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