Linda Hicks – Bon Voyage, Good Friend

Celebration of 17 Years of Service Through LUM

Mary Anderson & Linda Hicks

After 17 years of service to the community through her work at Lafayette Urban Ministry, Linda Hicks has decided to start a new journey. Yesterday, LUM honored Linda with a lunch as she steps down from her position at LUM to pursue a few of her other passions. The lunch was a bright and fun celebration. In attendance were many of her friends and colleagues including Joe Micon, LUM executive director emeritus, and Mary Anderson, Linda’s predecessor as the director of the LUM Financial Assistance Program. Linda was presented with a memory book, which is filled with wonderful memories of her incredible work as well as the strong connections she made over the years. To view more PHOTOS, click HERE.

Linda grew up in West Lafayette; graduated from Harrison High School; and currently lives in West Lafayette with her husband. They have a daughter who lives in Bloomington, IN. Linda earned a BA in Early Childhood Education from Purdue University, West Lafayette. She started with LUM in 2005 as the LUM morning receptionist. Since 2017, Linda has been the director of the LUM Financial Assistance Program and ID Clinic. With LUM, she was the Office Manager and LUM Camp director. She will work through the end of this year, at which time her successor will be announced.

Linda and her staff of volunteer caseworkers view their daily work as a calling. She believes in those she helps too much, rather than not enough – and she provides the care and encouragement they need to overcome difficulties. Linda always does her job with grace rather than judgment. She is a blessing to each person she meets.

Linda’s work is made possible because people like you give generously to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. Please continue to give so that this important community financial safety net can continue to be available. Will you be a blessing like Linda? Share a generous tribute gift in honor of Linda Hicks to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund.

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