Include LUM in Your New Year’s Resolution

As you usher in the coming year, consider setting a goal to establish your own enduring legacy by continuing to support the mission of Lafayette Urban Ministry beyond your lifetime.

The invaluable assistance provided by Lafayette Urban Ministry to our community doesn’t happen automatically and relies on your ongoing support. While you have already made a difference in our programs and supported local families during your lifetime, creating a legacy through Planned Giving ensures that the ministry’s impact will endure indefinitely.

Contributing to LUM through Planned Giving is a mutually beneficial Estate Planning strategy for both you (the donor) and LUM. Besides the altruistic impact, your gift provides you with tax relief. To learn more, schedule a meeting with your professional advisor. When you’re ready to start the conversation, please reach out to Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, via email or phone (wtillett@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691). To make an online donation to LUM, click the button below. For additional information on giving to LUM, visit our website HERE.

The Transformative Power of Giving

At Lafayette Urban Ministry, we champion the power of community and generosity. Today, seize the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through our newly launched Legacy Giving Guide brochure & website. Legacy gifts, or planned gifts, enable ongoing support for our mission. These carefully designated contributions ensure the work of LUM continues to have a profound impact.

Why Legacy Gifts Matter: 

They guarantee sustainability, provide stable funding, expand our reach, inspire others, and honor personal values, making an enduring impact on LUM and the communities we serve.

Our New Brochure: 

Discover legacy giving options in our user-friendly brochure & website, comprehensive guides covering choices, FAQs, and steps to get started.

At LUM, we believe in creating a brighter future together. Legacy gifts are a testament to the enduring impact of philanthropy. Explore options, understand the impact, and consider securing our organization’s future. Your copy of the Legacy Giving Guide brochure is available in the LUM office and online. Your legacy gift can make a lasting difference remembered for generations.

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