Mission Moments – Putting a Face on Impact

Three Stories of Real People from Current Staff

LUM staff members experience moments in their work that make them so proud that they want to share their stories with others. LUM calls these Mission Moments. They are often tiny, powerful examples of how LUM impacts our community through the eyes of others — putting a face on LUM services, programs and events. Here are three Mission Moments told by three current LUM staff members about real people.

Youth Programs

Jackie’s son, Charlie, is enrolled in the LUM 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program. Charlie has emotional and behavior disorders and is not eligible to enroll in other child care programs. With other programs, Jackie was called to pick up Charlie when he misbehaved — getting her in trouble with her boss. The affordability of LUM and the expertise of the staff is a perfect fit for her and Charlie. Jackie shared that, “LUM makes it possible for me to work, earn enough money to live, and keep my job.

Kristi Hogue

Immigration Clinic

Evangeline met with me and asked for assistance from the LUM Immigration Clinic. She was planning on getting married but afraid that if she started that process she would be deported back to the Philippines. After consulting with Christian Gallo, Immigration Clinic director, it was determined that it would be better in the long run for Evangeline to become a US citizen. After a few months of work, she is now a US citizen and ready to get married with no fear of deportation.

Cristy Perez

Homeless Services

Jeremiah, 75, lost his housing about a year ago. Soon after he became a guest in the LUM Emergency Shelter. During this period of time, he was working part-time to supplement his social security benefits and contributing to the LUM Match Program. When he secured housing, Jeremiah had paid more than $300 into the Match Program, which was matched by LUM giving him $600 towards his rent. He shared that, “Now, I have another shot at starting a new life. Thanks to you guys.

Jeffrey Auguste

Please feel free to share these stories with your friends, families and colleagues. When you spread the word about the good work happening at LUM, it is a priceless gift that inspires others and broadens the reach of LUM.

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