LUM Celebrates Food Pantry Milestones

Feeding Our Neighbors in Need for 40 Years

Throughout the month of August, the 40th Anniversary of LUM Food Assistance Programs will be celebrated. In 1983, the LUM leadership began to notice that more and more local neighbors were asking for food. They soon opened up the first LUM Food Pantry in the basement of the LUM building. The LUM self-help programming had also grown to include several community gardens, gardening assistance, and food buying clubs. For the past 40 years, LUM has had a continuously operating food pantry and a variety of other food programs like the current To-Go Meals program. Mark your calendars for these special 40th Anniversary events:

  • RECEPTION – LUM will host a 40th Anniversary Reception at the LUM Protein Food Pantry on Thursday, August 17 from 9 a.m. to noon.
  • STAR VOLUNTEER – The recipient of the LUM Volunteer of the Month for August will be honored at the LUM Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, August 16 at 7 p.m. This individual has been an indispensable volunteer with the LUM Food PantriesCommunity Thanksgiving Feast & Jubilee Christmas.

Stay tuned as LUM invites you to celebrate and learn more about the 40 year history of LUM Food Assistance Programs in Greater Lafayette.

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