LUM Camp Families Need Your Support

Take a Look at These Faces – The LUM Campers

THESE are the FACES of 8, 9, and 10 year-olds who experienced LUM Camp last summer. As I look at these faces, I recall the joy and wonder in their voices as they enjoyed so many first-time experiences: riding a horse, toasting a marshmallow, scaling a climbing wall, exploring a creek. For many of them, eating three nutritious meals a day for several days in a row was a first-time experience.

THESE are the FACES of local children whose parents are not able to pay for the actual cost of LUM Camp ($300+ per camper). These campers enjoyed a week of camp and received the lifelong benefits of camp: increased personal confidence, social skills, intellectual curiosity, gross and fine motor skills, positive values, and overall positive identity.

Personally, every year it’s the best week of my whole year at LUM. I love to see the progression of emotions on the LUM Campers’ faces – from shyness, to concentration, to delight, to confidence, to gratitude. One camper stated to me on the last day of camp, “I wish LUM Camp was a month!”

Look at these faces one more time. These are the bright faces of children who attended LUM Camp because someone like you cared enough to provide a LUM Camp sponsorship. These are the faces of future engineers and nurses, future decision-makers and leaders, future parents and grandparents. These are the faces of the future of our community. Thanks in advance for your support of LUM Camp.

Wes Tillett
LUM executive director & LUM Camp lead counselor

Would You Please Make an Investment in Campers?

LUM Camp is one of the best overnight summer camp programs available to children anywhere. LUM Camp hosts more than 80 children from local low income families as they participate in a week full of playing, learning, adventuring, eating, singing, and bonding from July 25-28 (Tuesday – Friday). LUM Camp is a key component of the year-round LUM Youth Programs (which also includes the After School Program and 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program).

LUM Camp is a scholarship-based camp, meaning LUM asks the campers’ parents to pay $5 per child and asks kind-hearted donors to cover the rest of the cost. Because of the generosity of people like YOU, these campers will enjoy a week of camp and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Your camp sponsorship will help pay for a child’s transportation, room and board, camp activities, educational programs, and supplies; everything a camper will need to attend LUM Camp 2023. Sponsor one camper for $300two campers for $600; or one-half of a scholarship for $150. Any amount will support LUM Youth Programs.

Would you please consider a gift to support LUM Youth Programs and send a child to LUM Camp?

There are many children in Greater Lafayette waiting for their chance to attend LUM Camp. You are now able to give our local children a gift of a fun camp week as well as enhanced life skills and lifelong happy memories.

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