LUM Programs Persist & Thrive in 2020

Jubilee Christmas & Community Thanksgiving

LUM program directors have been thinking about how COVID-19 will impact this year’s Jubilee Christmas (12/12) and Community Thanksgiving Celebration (11/26). At LUM, we are committed to offering both programs in some form this year. Families will still need assistance with Christmas, the community will still appreciate a free Thanksgiving celebration, and the leadership and members of our member churches will still want to offer assistance. Hopefully things will be much better in December but decisions will be made by mid-September.

LUM suggests that you continue to support Jubilee Christmas & the Community Thanksgiving Celebration as you have in past years. Cash donation to these programs would be best, but you may also donate “needed items” to each program. Thank you and your continued support of LUM, Jubilee Christmas and the Community Thanksgiving Celebration. To make an online donation, click the button below. To view the list of needed items, click HERE.

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Jubilee Christmas

Hunger Hike – An Exciting New Twist

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a year of great changes for Hunger Hike, and the event is going to be unique and more exciting than ever. Hunger Hike 2020 will kick off on Sunday, September 13 starting a week-long challenge for “Hikers” and “Teams.” Individuals & groups can create online fundraising pages for themselves and their team and begin fundraising today. They will also be encouraged to create a “personal challenge” for the week or participate in a leaderboard challenge with other members of their fundraising team to see who can get the most steps — using a mobile app.

The centerpiece of the event will take place on Sunday, September 20 at 1:00 pm with the Hunger Hike livestream event, featuring local celebrities, speakers and entertainment to help celebrate and raise funds for Hunger Hike. The hike raises money to support the important work of Lafayette Urban Ministry, Food Finders Food Bank, Inc., and the St. Thomas Aquinas Haiti Ministry.

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Hunger Hike

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