LUM Immigration Clinic Volunteers

Andrea Axsom:

Readers should know: “I am a Purdue Professional Writing student and Bible study leader for The Navigators.”

Abby Sommers:

Readers should know: “I love learning about other cultures, especially their cuisine and literature!”

Eyob Moges:

Readers should know: “I am the son of Ethiopian immigrants who studied political science in college.”

Mateo Ramirez:

Readers should know: “I am majoring in Political Science and Communications, and I am very passionate about helping and advocating for my community.” 

Samanta Garcia:

Readers should know: “I am a rising senior at Purdue University studying Supply Chain Information & Analytics.”

Khunsha Ahmed:

Readers should know: “I am a junior in Health Sciences at Purdue, and I am passionate about helping the local community grow and being a part of that growth!” 

Mansoorah Kermani:

Readers should know: “I am dedicated to working towards making as many positive changes in the world as I can, no matter how big or small.”

Layan Yunis:

Readers should know: “I’m a student at Purdue University, and I’m very passionate about social justice.”

Sarah Percival:

Readers should know: “I’m working on a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Purdue.”

Angel Valentin:

Readers should know: “I came from Puerto Rico to study at Purdue, and have been working with the Wesley Foundation and becoming involved with local organizations.”

Khunsha Ahmed, Ileana Cortes Santiago, Mansoorah Kermani, Adelia Sorge, Layan Yunis, Angel Valrod, Eli Heindricks

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