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2015-01-23 Joe Micon 009 GoldAs some of you know, Jonathan Micon plays snare drum in Purdue’s All American Marching Band. Jo and I enjoy spending Purdue Football Saturdays helping other parents in providing breakfast snacks and drinks throughout the day to the 40 members of the drumline.

One can’t help but notice how important the band director and drum majors are to the quality and sound of the band.

They set the tempo and keep rhythm during every selection. Band members feed off the enthusiasm and emotion of the person who is leading them. But while a band leader can certainly prod and cajole, it is always the individual musicians who make up the various sections of the band who make the music. This is where the real talent lies and where the real credit belongs. Have you ever seen a director not generously share credit with his or her orchestra?

Being LUM’s executive director is a lot like this.

LUM is made up of a very talented and dedicated staff, a hard-working board sent to usthanksgiving2 from LUM’s member churches, an inspirational legion of volunteers and a generous and sacrificial multitude of financial backers. And what wonderful music they do all make on behalf of the children and families in our community who are facing difficult times.

While the gifts of each person who contributes to LUM may be different, the spirit of giving is always generous and selfless. You help to accomplish so much here and you make our community a better place for all of its citizens.

I am constantly impressed with the effort and dedication of the 20 individuals God has led to serve on LUM’s staff. While our board members come from 42 diverse church
congregations, at LUM, they each become Christ’s hands for those in our community who live on the margins and in the shadows. I gain energy from meeting and getting to know so many of LUM’s 3,000 volunteers. I am humbled by the generosity of LUM’s 1,600 donors. Most of all, I am blessed to learn from those we serve at LUM — 6,000 households last year. Despite all the difficulties they face, most express good humor, a genuine concern for others and a faith in God that sustains and nurtures.

I find myself very pleased with Thanksgiving Dinnerthe sound of the music we are making, in the example of Jesus, here at LUM. I look forward to the challenging pieces he has in store for us to perform together in the future. LUM is a very special and unique kind of ministry. So much happens here that is good.

What a joy it is to be executive director and to have the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful music you make as part of this marching band that is the Lafayette Urban Ministry!

PS: Please give online at www.lumserve.org/donate or mail in your donation to
Lafayette Urban Ministry, 420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901

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