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New LUM Klinker-Alting Family Advocacy Intern

Meet Angela Weaver – New LUM Intern

Angela grew up in Wheatfield, Indiana and graduated from Kankakee Valley High School. She and her husband, Kyle Brown, currently live in West Lafayette with their beagle, Bailey. Angela & Kyle grew up together and are both students at Purdue.

She will complete her degree in three years this May with a bachelor’s in Law & Society. After she graduates, Angela plans on working in advocacy within Indiana government.

At LUM, Angela is an intern with the Campaign for Hoosier Families.

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Meet Mady – LUM Intern

Mady Kirts — LUM Intern

Meet Mady Kirts – New LUM Intern.

Mady grew up and still lives in Lafayette. She graduated from Jefferson High School and is currently enrolled in the Human Services program at Ivy Tech Community College. After she graduates, Mady plans on working in social work and case management at a nonprofit.

At LUM, Mady is an intern with the LUM After School Program.

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Meet Rob – LUM Interns


Robert Krasa — LUM Intern

Rob is from Toledo, Ohio and now lives in Lafayette with his wife, Jessie, who also grew up in Toledo. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Toledo and and is currently enrolled in the Master of Social Work program at the Indiana University School of Social Work (Indianapolis). Before pursuing his Master of Social Work, Rob worked for nine years in community mental health counseling and group program development. Upon graduation in 2019, Rob will pursue a career in policy and leadership.

At LUM, Rob is an intern with the LUM Immigration Clinic and the Dream Team Fund.


Meet Evie – LUM Intern

Evie Griffin — LUM Intern

Originally from Estonia, Evie grew up in Marion County and now lives in Cutler, Indiana with her husband of seven years, Timothy, and their 15-month old son. She is a naturalized US citizen. After graduating from high school, Evie enlisted in the US Marine Corp, where she met her husband, and served for five years in various locations including southeast Asia. She earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from IUPUI and is currently enrolled in the Master of Social Work program at the Indiana University School of Social Work (Indianapolis). Upon graduation in 2019, Evie will pursue a career in policy and administration.

At LUM, Evie is working as an intern with the LUM After School Program.

Meet Kathy – LUM Thanksgiving Director

Kathy F. Parker is the new program director for the LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration. She is responsible for all aspects of the annual LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration where over 800 free meals will be served on Thanksgiving at Central Presbyterian Church, Lafayette. The event also includes live entertainment, festive decorations and community fellowship.

Kathy grew up in Storrs, Connecticut (home of the University of Connecticut) and now lives in West Lafayette with her husband of 25 years, Brad, and their three children, Allie, Gabe & Caroline. Allie is a senior at Butler University, Gabe is a first-year student at Purdue University and Caroline is a sophomore at West Lafayette High School. They are members of Central Presbyterian Church and have two dogs, Duke and Jax, who they rescued in 2014. Kathy earned a BA in History from Roanoke College (Salem, VA) and an elementary teaching certificate from the University of Rhode Island. With LUM, Kathy serves on the Hunger Hike Fundraising Committee and engaged Central Presbyterian in this year’s fundraising event.

Kathy shares that “it is my mission to consciously live, aware of the needs of others, and the injustice that surrounds us, and purposefully do what little I can to spread light to those around me.” She finds inspiration in “women who are unafraid to boldly speak up for justice.” Kathy is excited about her new role with LUM, and stated that “I love that the mission of LUM is not reserved only for those who call themselves ‘Christian.’ God is much bigger than any one faith, and He finds a way to use all of us. The people who work for LUM are faithful servants of a God who uses everyone to His purpose. It is an honor to be among them.”

Kathy enjoys being active in the community and with her church as well as yoga, coffee with friends and card games with her family. 

LUM is fortunate to have Kathy Parker join the LUM staff.

If you with to donate food for or volunteer at the LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration, click HERE.

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Thanksgiving Celebration

Meet Josh – LUM Turkey Trot 5K Run Director

Josh J. Prokopy is the new program director for the LUM Turkey Trot 5K Run He is responsible for all aspects of the annual LUM Turkey Trot 5K Run where hundreds of people will run, walk and stroll the 5K course early in the morning on Thanksgiving day (11/23). 

Josh grew up in Conway, Massachusetts and now lives in West Lafayette with his wife, Linda, and their three children, Annabel, Margaret & David. Anabel & Margaret are both 13 years old and in 8th grade at West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School, and David (10) is in 5th grade at Happy Hollow Elementary School, West Lafayette. They are members of Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County. Josh earned a bachelor’s in independent concentration from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a Master’s in Sociology and Master’s in Social Work both from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Josh is active in the community with housing related organizations and with his church.

Josh shares that “my priorities are to raise my family as best I can, to let loose children who care about the world and our future, to better understand the world around me, and to try and make a difference, at least in a small way, within my community.” He finds inspiration in his father, “who was extremely independent minded and hard working, and never cared a hoot for what anyone else thought of him. He lived his own life in his own way, but did so much to enrich the world around him.” Josh is excited about his role with LUM, and stated that “If we can do anything at all to give people a renewed sense of hope, than we’ve made a huge impact in their lives.”

Josh is an avid home-brewer of beer, a writer of young adult fiction and has a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. He belongs to a writer’s critique group in Indianapolis, has two published short stories and a novel in the works. He enjoys being out in nature, and spending time with friends and family engaged in meaningful conversation, “preferably over a glass of excellent home-brewed beer.”

LUM is fortunate to have Josh Prokopy join the LUM staff.

If you wish to participate in or donate to the Turkey Trot 5K Run, click HERE.

Behind the Scenes at the LUM Shelter

Here is a behind the scenes look at the check in desk at the LUM Emergency Shelter featuring Audra Jarrard, LUM shelter security staff member, and new LUM shelter director, Todd Wesbrook.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a member of the LUM shelter security staff, click HERE (and scroll down) for information on how to apply.

If you wish to volunteer with the LUM shelter, click HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Emergency Shelter, click HERE.

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Clarinda Crawford—Celebration of 7 Years of Service

This past weekend the members of Congress Street United Methodist Church hosted a reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford. At this event, Joe Micon, LUM executive director and Mark Thomas, LUM board president, presented Clarinda with a special proclamation from the LUM Board of Directors and staff. The proclamation stated that, “Clarinda possesses a prophetic thirst for social justice, always calling the wider faith community to respond to the needs of the oppressed with fairness and compassion.”

The event was joyful celebration of Clarinda’s seven years of service to the community through Lafayette Urban Ministry and Congress Street United Methodist Church. It is clear that Clarinda had a positive impact on many people and programs during her time in Lafayette and will be greatly missed. Pictured L to R are Penny Glotzbach, Congress St. UMC representative to the LUM board, Clarinda Crawford, Mark Thomas & Joe Micon.

To view more PHOTOS of Reception for Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click HERE.
To make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in her honor, click HERE.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Good Samaritan Fund

Fond Farewell to Clarinda Crawford

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After a fruitful seven year relationship with Lafayette Urban Ministry, Rev. Clarinda Crawford announced that she will be moving to Franklin, North Carolina, at the end of this month to serve two congregations in the United Methodist Church. Clarinda served as a pastor-liaison to the LUM Board of Directors and eventually became an officer serving on the Executive Committee for two terms. For the past 18 months, Clarinda has been the program director overseeing the LUM Good Samaritan Program, which includes the Good Samaritan Fund and the ID Clinic.

2016-01-20 CCrawford 014 (2) (1280x852)

Clarinda shared that leaving LUM “comes with a mix of emotions — part mournful, part restless, and wrapped in the excitement” of what this next phase will offer. Through her work with LUM, Clarinda has made a positive impact on the clients in the Good Samaritan Program and ID Clinic — using her numerous skills, knowledge of technology, awareness of resources, and experience. She has empathy for those in need and has made improvements in the day-to-day process of both the ID Clinic and the Good Samaritan Program. Clarinda will be missed, but she has left the program in great shape for LUM and her successor.


Please join us to celebrate Clarinda’s service to the community at a reception hosted by the Congress Street United Methodist Church on Saturday, June 24 from 2 to 4 p.m.

If you wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund in honor of Rev. Clarinda Crawford, click below.

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Meet Todd – New LUM Shelter Director

Todd P. Wesbrook is the new program director for the LUM Emergency Shelter. He is responsible for the management of and intake process for the overnight emergency shelter and the Winter Warming Station (November – April) and oversees the New Opportunity Grants, a match program which offers financial assistance to shelter guests transitioning into their own home.

Todd grew up in Hillsboro, North Dakota and now lives in West Lafayette with his wife of 26 years, Linda. Todd and Linda have two cats, Faith & TT, and have been members of the White Horse Christian Center for 19 years, where Linda works as the assistant to the senior pastor. Todd earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mayville State University and a Master of Public Administration from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville.

Todd shares that he finds inspiration “when people do what is right, though there is no benefit to themselves. Because it is often against our human nature to do so.” Todd’s faith is important to him stating, “I make it a priority to demonstrate the love of Christ, making God my first priority followed by my relationship with my wife and others.” He also agrees with his pastor who has stated, “the only way you lose is if you quit.”

Todd enjoys running, biking and hanging out with his wife and close friends. He loves to laugh so also enjoys a good, clean comedy movie.

Todd is excited about his new role with Lafayette Urban Ministry because it gives him an opportunity to continue his work to help individuals and families get stronger within a Christian ministry. He stated that he “loves the LUM Mission Statement because it focuses on renewal and restoring hope. It is a great privilege and honor to get the opportunity to serve at such a wonderful organization.”

LUM is fortunate to have Todd Wesbrook join the LUM staff.

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