Congrats to Mady Kirts Lester, LUM Teacher

IU 2021 Graduate, Bachelor of Social Work

Mady Lester, right, with Carleigh Bennett, LUM teacher

The LUM staff members gathered last week to celebrate Mady Lester.

Mady just graduated from the Indiana University School of Social Work earning a bachelor of social work. Since Mady started at LUM in 2018 as an intern, she has earned an associates degree, gotten married, and earned a BSW. This fall, Mady will begin work on her Master of Social Work, also from IU.

LUM is thrilled to announce that Mady will continue to be a LUM teacher this summer with the 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program. LUM is fortunate to have someone with Mady’s experience, education and passion working with the students in the LUM Youth Programs. Please join us in congratulating her on her achievements and thanking her for her service to the children in our community through her work with LUM.

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