Meet Kathy – LUM Thanksgiving Director

Kathy F. Parker is the new program director for the LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration. She is responsible for all aspects of the annual LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration where over 800 free meals will be served on Thanksgiving at Central Presbyterian Church, Lafayette. The event also includes live entertainment, festive decorations and community fellowship.

Kathy grew up in Storrs, Connecticut (home of the University of Connecticut) and now lives in West Lafayette with her husband of 25 years, Brad, and their three children, Allie, Gabe & Caroline. Allie is a senior at Butler University, Gabe is a first-year student at Purdue University and Caroline is a sophomore at West Lafayette High School. They are members of Central Presbyterian Church and have two dogs, Duke and Jax, who they rescued in 2014. Kathy earned a BA in History from Roanoke College (Salem, VA) and an elementary teaching certificate from the University of Rhode Island. With LUM, Kathy serves on the Hunger Hike Fundraising Committee and engaged Central Presbyterian in this year’s fundraising event.

Kathy shares that “it is my mission to consciously live, aware of the needs of others, and the injustice that surrounds us, and purposefully do what little I can to spread light to those around me.” She finds inspiration in “women who are unafraid to boldly speak up for justice.” Kathy is excited about her new role with LUM, and stated that “I love that the mission of LUM is not reserved only for those who call themselves ‘Christian.’ God is much bigger than any one faith, and He finds a way to use all of us. The people who work for LUM are faithful servants of a God who uses everyone to His purpose. It is an honor to be among them.”

Kathy enjoys being active in the community and with her church as well as yoga, coffee with friends and card games with her family. 

LUM is fortunate to have Kathy Parker join the LUM staff.

If you with to donate food for or volunteer at the LUM Community Thanksgiving Celebration, click HERE.

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