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Hunger Hike 2014 – New Enthusiasm

Summer 2014

Dear Friend,

HH logoYou may recall that last year’s Hunger Hike event fell significantly short of its fundraising goal.  It was only through the concern, effort and generosity of people like you, that we were finally able to meet and exceed that goal in early December – a full two months after the event.

Since that time, Hunger Hike’s three sponsors – Lafayette Urban Ministry, Food Finders Food Bank and St. Thomas Aquinas Center’s Haitian Relief Ministry – have been hard at work proactively reorganizing our Hunger Hike fundraising efforts so as not to have a repeat of last year’s results.

We have been working so hard, that we recently 2012-09-16 Hunger Hike 2012 199 (2)announced to the community that we believe Hunger Hike has the capacity to raise $125,000 this year – a full 30% more than our 2013 goal!

There is so much new energy and enthusiasm in place for Hunger Hike that we are already looking forward to what a successful event might mean for our efforts to feed the hungry.

  • At the Lafayette Urban Ministry, the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry will extend its hours and be open on Saturdays in addition to its current operating hours during the week.
  • Food Finders Food Bank, Inc. would be able to expand its Mobile Pantry program to fight hunger when and where it is needed the most.
  • St. Tom’s Haiti Ministry would spend additional funds to further develop their pilot program of providing Haitian people with seeds that survive a variety of weather conditions.  They will also expand their water purification

We know that you have been a generous supporter of Hunger Hike in the past and we hope that you will join us in our effort to expand Hunger Hike’s impact during 2014.

First of all, you can help by circling the following dates on your calendar…

  • Hunger Hike 5K Run — Saturday, September 20, 8:00 a.m., West Lafayette’s Cumberland Park
  • Hunger Hike 3K Walk — Sunday, September 21, 2:00 p.m., Levee Plaza Parking lot in West Lafayette

You can also help by making a generous gift to Hunger Hike, right now, prior to the event.

Your gift of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more, will allow our three sponsor organizations to expand their programs, respond to pressing need and better fulfill their missions of feeding hungry children and strengthening families who are experiencing food insecurity.

2012-09-16 Hunger Hike 2012 126 (2)

Hunger Hike is our community’s oldest and most well-respected fundraising walk, dating back to the early 1970’s.  Last year more than 1,100 people participated in the event.  Over the years, more than $1.5 million dollars have been raised, providing a critical social safety net to thousands of hungry children and adults.

We hope you will join us again this year by running a little faster, walking a little farther – and digging a little deeper.   Help us to meet the new and urgent challenges that face us each day on the front lines in the fight against hunger.

Can we hear from you today?  Make out your check to “Hunger Hike” and send it to LUM – or give online at www.HungerHike.org


Joe Micon Signature

Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

fr patrick signature

Rev. Patrick Baikauskas
Pastor/Director of Campus Ministries
St. Thomas Aquinas – the Catholic Center at Purdue

katybunder signature

Katy Bunder
Executive Director
Food Finders Food Bank, Inc.

PS Please help us to reach Hunger Hike’s expanded goal of $125,000 so that our three sponsor organizations can better respond to the needs of those who come to us for food.  Place your gift of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, or more, into the enclosed envelope and return it today.  You may also give online at www.HungerHike.org.


How much should I donate? One helpful suggestion is to consider a donation equal to 10% of your monthly food budget or the cost of fast food meals for a month. To donate to Hunger Hike, click HERE.

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LUM Camp announces 2014 Theme

Summer 2014

Dear Friend,

My good friend Margery Ismail traveled to 100 different countries in her lifetime.

MarjorieIshmailWhen she passed away last month after a long and full life, her propensity for travel was one of the things about Margery that her family and friends remembered most fondly. Nobody travels to 100 countries without a treasure trove of stories and memories to share. And nobody travels to 100 countries without gaining a deep appreciation for the wonderful diversity of culture that makes up the human race. Margery’s many travels led her to be a more open, understanding and caring person. You could see it in how she related to her children and grandchildren. You could see it in her 50 year involvement at Federated Church in West Lafayette. You could see it in her leadership at the International Center at Purdue and on the Lafayette Urban Ministry Board of Directors. And you could see it in Margery’s long and generous support of LUM Camp. 

This year, in Margery’s memory, our theme for LUM Camp will be “Around the World and Back Again!”

During the week of camp, through stories, songs, games and fun-learning, our LUM Campers will take an imaginary trip to 100 different countries and cultures! 

LUM Camp is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls, 8, 9 and 10 years old. They are children who come from families served by the Lafayette Urban Ministry. Our camp includes all the things a great summer camp should: morning chapel, silly camp songs, outstanding camp counselors, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, arts and crafts, campfires, sleeping in cabins and plenty of great camp food! But along with these, this year’s LUM Camp will teach our campers to develop an appreciation for people different from themselves and for cultures different than their own. The children will try foods from other countries. They will be taught words and phrases in other languages. They will learn world geography. They will experience artistic expression and meet interesting people from faraway lands. By the end of the week our campers’ horizons will be expanded – and their world will be a larger, multi-cultural place filled with greater possibility. 

LUM Camp is a 100% scholarship-based camp. We only serve children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a first class overnight camp program.

And that’s why I am writing – to ask for your generous financial help in sending a child to LUM Camp. A $140 campership will pay for the cost of transportation, room and board, camp activities, educational programs and supplies – everything a child will need to attend LUM Camp; $280 will allow two children to attend; $420 will send three children; $ 70 will cover ½ of a campership. Any amount you send will help a child to attend one of the finest overnight summer camp programs in the Midwest.

And this year, in Margery Ismail’s memory, our campers will travel “Around the World and Back Again” on an imaginary trip to campcounselor100 different countries and cultures. As the news of the day fills with the hateful speech of a rancher in Nevada and a professional basketball team owner in Los Angeles, I prefer Margery’s approach. What better way to celebrate her legacy of understanding, tolerance and cultural diversity than by sending a child to this year’s LUM Camp? LUM Camp changes lives. It will take place during the week of July 28th at beautiful Hanging Rock Camp in Warren County. 

I know of 100 children who will grow and benefit immeasurably if given the chance to attend. Please, may we hear from you today?

Give online to LUM at www.lumserve.org/donate.

Joe Micon Signature
Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

P.S. — It costs $140 to send a child to LUM Camp. Please, can we hear from you today? Please make  your contribute to LUM online at  www.lumserve.org/donate.  Thank you.

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Mission Moment — Meet the Poore Family

March 2014

Dear Friend,

The Lafayette Urban Ministry has been a special friend to Lisa Poore.  

moore family
The Poore Family

After the accidental death of her husband…
During the difficult process of grief and recovery…
Through all the challenges of being a new single parent and working mom…

LUM has extended to Lisa the heartfelt friendship and support she has needed to start over.

Each of her three children, Shane, Hayley and Madison, have attended LUM’s Enhanced After School Program. While Lisa is finishing up her workday as an aide at a local school learning center, her children are here at LUM completing their homework, participating in educational enrichment activities and enjoying the company of caring adults.

During the summer months, Lisa’s children participate in LUM’s 5th Quarter Learning Retention Program where fun-learning in math, science, social studies, and reading helps them to be better prepared to return to school in August.

Each of Lisa’s children have also attended LUM Camp. She remembers thinking there would be no place other than LUM she would entrust to Shane’s, Hayley’s and Madison’s first-ever trips away from home. The children still sing all the LUM Camp songs!

On LUM’s Jubilee Christmas day, Lisa “shopped” for the toys that were on her children’s wish lists. Christmas without their dad will always be difficult. But Lisa was grateful to watch her children’s spirits lift as they opened their presents.

Recently, Lisa came to LUM to have her income tax return prepared free of charge. The state and federal tax credits she earns are crucial to helping Lisa pay her family’s basic costs of living.

So do you see what I mean?

LUM has indeed been a very important friend to Lisa and her children. And like any friend we want to be here whenever

Lisa Poore & Joe Micon, LUM executive director
Lisa Poore & Joe Micon, LUM executive director

we are needed. That’s why I hope you will consider making a generous financial gift to support our work.

The Lafayette Urban Ministry is both first recourse and last resort for our neighbors in need. During 2013, the Lafayette Urban Ministry served 6,027 different families. Our doors are always open and our staff and volunteers are always here to serve – every day of the year, literally around the clock.

By making a generous contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 you can help brighten the future for the many children and families LUM serves.

Your gift will be used to support all of LUM’s important programs…

  • the Homeless Shelter and Case Management Program
  • the Good Samaritan Emergency Assistance Program
  • the Community Thanksgiving Meal, and St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry
  • the Asset Building Classes and ID clinic
  • the many Youth Service Programs and Free Income Tax Return Service

Your past support has been critically important to those we serve here at the Lafayette Urban Ministry. I hope you will continue – and perhaps increase – your giving for 2014.

Through all of her challenges, Lisa Poore has always impressed me as a devoted and hard working mom. Right now, she is taking an online course in order to receive a higher job certification. In the future, she dreams of purchasing a new home.

Lisa gives thanks for the friendship and generosity shown her by the Lafayette Urban Ministry. It has helped her and her children to heal and start over again.

But in-so-far as LUM would not be here without your generous support, Lisa is really giving thanks for you.

Please, won’t you make a generous gift to the Lafayette Urban Ministry? Please give online at www.lumserve.org.

Joe Micon Signature
Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

P.S. — Help us to build a community where hardworking moms like Lisa Poore, and terrific children like Shane, Hayley and Madison can live, learn and grow to their fullest potential. Please, can we hear from you today?

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LUM FOLLIES — Call Out for Entertainment

3rd Annual LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies

Follies Talent Search is on!


Are You a Dancer? Comic? Puppeteer? Musician? Poet? Mime? Magician? Juggler? Ringmaster? Ventriloquist? Actor? Clown? Singer? Contortionist? Acrobat?

Our LUM talent scouts are looking for people to share their God-given talents for a worthy cause—the third Annual LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies. This lighthearted evening of food, fun, and entertainment is Friday, April 4th and benefits the LUM Good Samaritan Fund. If you have a unique talent you would love to share by taking our stage, your talent is needed. LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies is your chance to shine and be part of something very special.

If you are interested in performing at the Follies this year, please email or call Eileen Weiss (jimandeileen@hotmail.com | 765-337-2596). We look forward to seeing all of you at the third Annual LUM Follies dinner theater on Friday, April 4th.

One of the most special parts of the LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies is the LIVE entertainment also known as the “Follies.” After dinner at approximately 7:30 p.m. the entertainment begins. In 2013, the entertainers included — the infamous puppet troupe — as well as music, magic and comedy. Last year the entertainment spanned four-generation with a 14-year-old performing a classical guitar piece to a vocal group with members in their 80’s and 90’s. Other highlights included the West Lafayette High School Barbershop Quartet, a Handbell duet, a performance by a current pastor and another by a retired pastor as well as a women’s trio featuring singers from the First United Methodist Church.

To make Follies’ Reservations Online, click HERE.

If you aren’t able to attend the “Follies” but still wish to make a donation to the LUM Good Samaritan Fund — click HERE.

FolliesOnlineRegistration     FolliesGSF

FolliesEventPage     FolliesFBpageTall

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Hunger Hike 2013 – Exceeds Goal

Hunger Hike 2013 Raises $92,685

HH13 Media Event 001Today at a media event at Lafayette Urban Ministry, the Hunger Hike 2013 committee was thrilled to announce that the $90,000 goal for this year has been reached.

The Hunger Hike committee has been working hard for the past three months to raise money for the event. It was announced on September 19th that the fundraising for the Hunger Hike event held on Sunday, September 15, 2013, fell $30,000 short of the $90,000 goal. A decision was made following the event to extend the fundraising through December 1, 2013, in an attempt to reach that goal.

The goal was not only reach but it was exceeded. The Hunger Hike committee is pleased to announce that Hunger Hike 2013 raised $92,685.

HH13 Media Event 011

Hunger Hike 2013 Acknowledgements

Special Thanks to the McAllister Foundation for their generous donation of $5000 to Hunger Hike 2013

HH13 Media Event 009

The following companies and organizations donated $1000 toward Hunger Hike 2013:

  • Edocyte, Inc.
  • Evonik Degussa Corp.
  • Franciscan Alliance
  • Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co.
  • Global Impact/Alcoa Employees
  • Tipmont REMC
  • Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Sisters of St. Francis Health Services, Inc.
  • Subway
  • System Concepts & Consulting, Inc.
  • Walmart Foundation

The Hunger Hike Committee also wishes to thank and acknowledge the:

  • 53 Hunger Hike 5K Run Donors
  • 75 Hunger Hike Donors
  • 38 Hunger Hike Sponsors

HH13 Media Event 002

“Every step makes a difference in the fight against hunger.”


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Jubilee Christmas Is Coming


2012-12-08 Jubilee Christmas Day 003 (2)

This year’s the LUM Jubilee Christmas program will…

  • Serve more close to 600 families
  • Provide toys, clothing & food to 1600 needy children
  • Provide more than $200,000 worth of gifts and food
  • Include 23 Hosting Churches
  • Include 32 additional Church & Community Partners

Check out the photos from the 2012 Jubilee Christmas, click HERE.

Jubilee Christmas needs your donations by Tuesday, December 11: 

  • New, unwrapped Toys including bicycles and sports equipment
  • New Clothing, suitable for ages: new born-12 years old — including winter coats
  • Gift wrapping materials: paper, ribbon, bows, and tape
  • Batteries
  • Cash Donations – give online by clicking HERE

Donations for Jubilee Christmas will be received at Ray Ewry Youth Program Center, 525 N 4th Street (rear entrance), weekdays 1:00-5:00 pm, from November 21 through December 11. LUM is closed for Thanksgiving November 28 and 29.

To arrange large quantity deliveries, call or email Ron Smith at 765.423.2691 or rsmith@lumserve.org. You may also give monetary donations online by clicking HERE. {Please Note: All deliveries of goods must be made by Tuesday, December 11, 2013. Cash donations may be made at anytime.}

Check out the photos from the 2012 Jubilee Christmas, click HERE.

131023 Jubilee Registration
Jubilee Volunteer – Jillaine Shoop of Federated Church in West Lafayette

Before the big Jubilee Christmas celebration on Saturday December 14 — there is a huge effort to register families. There has been an wonderful response by our community’s eligible families to participate in this year Jubilee Christmas program. For over a week, LUM volunteers (Jillaine Shoop, Amy Harbor, Sheila Morales, Tiffany Young and Jackie Jarrard) and LUM support staff have been working hard to input all of the data for this year’s Jubilee Christmas. Families will received their registration confirmation and church assignment soon.

From beginning to end, Jubilee Christmas is a true community event involving 1000’s of volunteers and donors. LUM is grateful for everyone who makes Jubilee Christmas possible.

Check out the photos from the 2012 Jubilee Christmas, click HERE.

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HOT NEED — Food Pantry Volunteer Needed

Immediate Opening — Food Pantry Data Entry Volunteer

LUM VolunteerS Button

Food Pantry Data Entry Volunteer

2013-04-25 RexFuller 015 (2)The St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry Data Entry volunteer welcomes clients to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry, verifies their household information on LUM’s client database, and determines if they qualify for assistance. Clients are then served by the counter volunteers. The St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry is located in St. John’s Episcopal Church at 6th and Ferry Streets. The pantry is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. The Data Entry volunteer must be knowledgeable of basic computer operation and database concepts. As special training is required, a long term commitment is desired.

Interested persons should email or call Ron Smith (rsmith@lumserve.org | 765-423-2691).

Volunteering with LUM

2012-10-04 LUM Parent 036 (3)LUM could not provide its many programs and services without the hundreds of volunteers who generously contribute their time and talents. Most volunteers find their work to be interesting, fulfilling, and rewarding.

There are many different opportunities for volunteering, from working one-on-one with a child in the afternoon After School Program to helping run the 42-bed homeless shelter overnight. Also, there are opportunities to fit every schedule, from regular long-term commitments such as being an advocate once a week in the morning Emergency Assistance Program or at data entry at the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry, to one time work with an event like LUM Camp, Thanksgiving Celebration, or Jubilee Christmas.

Some volunteer positions require training while others require only a willing heart and a helping hand. Email lum@lumserve.org for more information.

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ATTN: Gardeners and Farmers

2012-08-27 LUM food pantry 012 (2)

Dear Local Gardeners and Farmers —

As you see fruits and vegetables begin to ripen in your gardens and on your farms — Please remember that you are encouraged to bring your surplus fruits and vegetables to the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry to share with your community neighbors. Fresh, delicious and locally grown fruit and vegetables are a special treat for our clients who otherwise would not be able to afford quality produce at grocery store prices.

Thanks in advance!

More information on the Pantry

St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry provides emergency food assistance to hungry children and adults who live in Tippecanoe County. St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry is the largest volume food pantry in the 26 counties of west central Indiana.

So far in 2013, 4960 clients were served which is equivalent to assisting 15,295 individual family members.

2012-08-27 LUM food pantry 021 (2)

Pantry Needs and How to Help

The St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry relies on individuals to donate food and make monetary donations.

Please bring your donations directly to the Food Pantry which is in St. John’s Episcopal Church on the corner of 6th and Ferry Streets in downtown Lafayette during their operating hours –- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Look for the Red door under the Green awning on 6th.

2012-08-27 LUM food pantry 001b

pinterest-logo-2-1074x1067To view the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry wish list, check out our Pinterest board.

Click HERE or the Pinterest logo to the left. Follow LUM on Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/LUMserve).

 The Mission of the Pantry

To serve God & God’s people by providing a caring food distribution facility. All strive to serve as Christ would serve. We respect the dignity of every person who comes to the Food Pantry. Food is provided in a courteous way & with minimal hassles & questions.

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Support Fifth-Quarter — A Proven Success

Summer 2013

Joe Micon
Joseph “Joe” Micon

Dear Friend,

When he grows up, seven year-old Christian Morrenga wants to be a firefighter.  Eight-year-old Devine Myers wants to be a nurse.  And nine year-old  Dylan Tibbett wants to be a police officer.  Whether or not they each grow to realize these, or similar dreams, depends upon the foundation that is laid for them now, during their formative years.

Success during the school year in math, science and reading are crucial to their future career prospects and economic well-being.  But continued learning during the summer months is too often overlooked for low-income children like Christian, Devine and Dylan.

2013-06-16 5th Quarter 018
Christian Morrenga

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds score a full two years behind their more advantaged classmates by the end of grade school.

That’s why the Lafayette Urban Ministry is so adamant about continuing to offer our Fifth Quarter Summer Learning Retention Program.  

Fifth Quarter is a day-long learning retention program serving 60 low-income, elementary-aged children throughout the summer months.  We employ fun-learning techniques to boost the children’s proficiency in reading, math, science and social studies.  Our goal is that each child be better prepared to return to school in August.

The standardized pre- and post-tests administered to LUM’s Fifth Quarter participants during previous summers have shown very promising results:

  • On average, Fifth Quarter participants experienced a 25% increase in decoding vocabulary, while those in a control group showed an 8% loss.

  • Fifth Quarter participants experienced an 18% increase in reading comprehension, while those in a control group showed a 12 percent loss.

  • Fifth Quarter participants experienced a 30% increase in math computation skills, while those in a control group showed a 22 percent loss.

Each morning of Fifth Quarter begins with a gathering program, nutritious snacks, recreational reading and educational games on the laptops.  Then it’s on to our educational pods in math, science and social studies.

Devine Myers
Devine Myers

Fifth Quarter isn’t summer school.  Often, our sessions are held in the city park or outside of the LUM Youth Center under a tree.  The learning is hands-on with plenty of enthusiasm and encouragement offered by LUM’s Fifth Quarter teachers.  There are frequent field trips to the library, Purdue, or other locations where the children have fun and experience new things.

And Fifth Quarter allows the children’s parents to attend their jobs each day knowing their children are safe and secure in an academically stimulating environment.  While at LUM the children meet new friends, experience positive adult role models and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Dylan Tibbett
Dylan Tibbett

I hope you will join me in financially supporting LUM’s Fifth Quarter Summer Learning Program.

It will cost LUM $22,200 to operate Fifth Quarter for our current nine-week, 2013 summer session.  Included in that amount are the cost of program’s four teachers, curriculum, supplies, snacks, books and transportation.

Your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, or more, will help LUM to continue this remarkable program that one day soon might be responsible the finest fire fighter, nurse and police officer our community has ever produced!

On behalf of Christian Morrenga, Devine Myers, Dylan Tibbett, and all the other members of LUM’s Fifth Quarter Class of 2013, please accept my sincere thanks for your special friendship and generous support.

Joe Micon Signature
Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

P.S. — Please, won’t you support LUM’s Fifth Quarter Program?  Send your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more today.  Mail it in  or give online at www.lumserve.org

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Be a Camp Counselor—Mentor—Role Model

counselors (2)

LUM Camp Counselors are invaluable volunteers who spend their whole day with one group of campers. They are role models who assist and motivate campers whether they are trying to learn a new skill or they have concerns about an issue or idea. Throughout the day LUM Volunteer Camp Counselors monitor and participate in the group’s activities and do everything in their power to make each of their campers’ week the most memorable yet. LUM Volunteer Camp Counselors must be fun-loving, patient and genuinely concerned for the welfare and development of young people.

2012-08-01 LUM Camp 005 (2)

The family environment of LUM Camp will give you many rewards beyond camp food, bonfires and camp songs. The benefits are numerous – the rewards of working with children, spending a week in the invigorating outdoor environment of Hanging Rock Camp, and potentially gaining new skills and experiences.

Volunteer camp counselors must be at least 18 years old and be able to spend the entire week at LUM Camp (from 11 a.m. on Monday, July 29 to 4 p.m. on Friday, August 2).

Don’t miss out on this unique volunteer opportunity. Applications for volunteer camp counselors for the overnight camp are now being accepted. Go to:http://www.lumserve.org/camp.html
Print the application and mail it in, or email it to lum@lumserve.org

For more information, call Joe Micon at 765.423.2691 or click HERE. Please share with others.

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