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Summer 2014

Dear Friend,

My good friend Margery Ismail traveled to 100 different countries in her lifetime.

MarjorieIshmailWhen she passed away last month after a long and full life, her propensity for travel was one of the things about Margery that her family and friends remembered most fondly. Nobody travels to 100 countries without a treasure trove of stories and memories to share. And nobody travels to 100 countries without gaining a deep appreciation for the wonderful diversity of culture that makes up the human race. Margery’s many travels led her to be a more open, understanding and caring person. You could see it in how she related to her children and grandchildren. You could see it in her 50 year involvement at Federated Church in West Lafayette. You could see it in her leadership at the International Center at Purdue and on the Lafayette Urban Ministry Board of Directors. And you could see it in Margery’s long and generous support of LUM Camp. 

This year, in Margery’s memory, our theme for LUM Camp will be “Around the World and Back Again!”

During the week of camp, through stories, songs, games and fun-learning, our LUM Campers will take an imaginary trip to 100 different countries and cultures! 

LUM Camp is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls, 8, 9 and 10 years old. They are children who come from families served by the Lafayette Urban Ministry. Our camp includes all the things a great summer camp should: morning chapel, silly camp songs, outstanding camp counselors, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, arts and crafts, campfires, sleeping in cabins and plenty of great camp food! But along with these, this year’s LUM Camp will teach our campers to develop an appreciation for people different from themselves and for cultures different than their own. The children will try foods from other countries. They will be taught words and phrases in other languages. They will learn world geography. They will experience artistic expression and meet interesting people from faraway lands. By the end of the week our campers’ horizons will be expanded – and their world will be a larger, multi-cultural place filled with greater possibility. 

LUM Camp is a 100% scholarship-based camp. We only serve children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a first class overnight camp program.

And that’s why I am writing – to ask for your generous financial help in sending a child to LUM Camp. A $140 campership will pay for the cost of transportation, room and board, camp activities, educational programs and supplies – everything a child will need to attend LUM Camp; $280 will allow two children to attend; $420 will send three children; $ 70 will cover ½ of a campership. Any amount you send will help a child to attend one of the finest overnight summer camp programs in the Midwest.

And this year, in Margery Ismail’s memory, our campers will travel “Around the World and Back Again” on an imaginary trip to campcounselor100 different countries and cultures. As the news of the day fills with the hateful speech of a rancher in Nevada and a professional basketball team owner in Los Angeles, I prefer Margery’s approach. What better way to celebrate her legacy of understanding, tolerance and cultural diversity than by sending a child to this year’s LUM Camp? LUM Camp changes lives. It will take place during the week of July 28th at beautiful Hanging Rock Camp in Warren County. 

I know of 100 children who will grow and benefit immeasurably if given the chance to attend. Please, may we hear from you today?

Give online to LUM at www.lumserve.org/donate.

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Joe Micon
Executive Director
Lafayette Urban Ministry

P.S. — It costs $140 to send a child to LUM Camp. Please, can we hear from you today? Please make  your contribute to LUM online at  www.lumserve.org/donate.  Thank you.

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