IC Match Campaign Crushes Fundraising Goal

LUM is grateful to everyone who participated in this year’s IC Match Campaign to support the LUM Immigration Clinic. Together, we have exceeded our fundraising goal of $33,000, raising an astounding $36,597! This incredible generosity ensures that LUM is able continue providing expert legal services to our immigrant neighbors and friends, often at no cost, making a tangible difference in their lives.

At our recent IC Match reception for the top donors and sponsors, Christian GalloLUM Immigration Clinic director, and Margaret Hass, LUM accredited representative, shared powerful stories that underscored the profound impact of the work of the LUM Immigration Clinic. Christian highlighted the Immigration Clinic mission to instill hope in those who have faced unimaginable challenges to reach Indiana, recounting the touching story of a Cuban family who sought solace in our services. Margaret shared a deeply moving account of a mother’s relentless pursuit to reunite with her sons from Iran, showcasing the Immigration Clinic‘s commitment to reuniting families and providing comfort amidst adversity. LUM extends sincerest gratitude to our donors and sponsors for making these stories of hope and resilience possible. {To see the complete list of sponsors, click the image below.}

Mission moments offer a poignant glimpse into the profound impact of the LUM Immigration Clinic. Below are four authentic narratives that underscore the significance of your investment in this invaluable LUM program:

In 2023 alone, the LUM Immigration Clinic provided hundreds of consultations, dispensing free legal advice, and helped: 17 people work towards or achieve U.S. citizenship, 24 people obtain or renew their green cards, 4 people obtain Temporary Protected Status, and 19 people obtain Employment Authorizations. To donate NOW, click HERE.

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