IC Match Campaign – Focus of the Week – Travel Authorizations

In the wake of unprecedented turmoil and conflict, families like Nataliaa and Serhii’s family from Ukraine have found solace and support through the compassionate efforts of organizations like Lafayette Urban Ministry. Their journey, marked by uncertainty and danger, underscores the critical role that the LUM Immigration Clinic plays in providing a lifeline for immigrants seeking refuge and stability in the United States.

Arriving in America on December 1, 2022, Nataliaa, Serhii, and their children—Karina, Matvii, and Andrii—were thrust into a new reality, fleeing the turmoil of their homeland under the United for Ukraine Program with Riverside Church (Lafayette, IN) as their sponsor. Nataliaa, Serhii, and their children, attend church events and gatherings, serving as pillars of support and connection in their new home. Nataliaa also leads a bible group for Ukrainian girls in the West Lafayette, IN area.

Their story echoes the plight of many Ukrainian families torn between the safety of a new land and the heart-wrenching worry for loved ones left behind. Nataliaa, once a kindergarten teacher, and Serhii, a furniture designer, faced harrowing circumstances back home, with several military targets in their town and daily life overshadowed by the constant threat of violence. The family recalls a gas station near their home being bombed, serving as a stark reminder of the peril they escaped.

“Nobody is safe in Ukraine because nobody knows when rockets will come down,” says Nataliaa.

Despite the physical safety found in West Lafayette, IN, emotional scars persist as they grapple with concerns for family and friends still in Ukraine. The United States visa process brought its own challenges, but the LUM Immigration Clinic emerged as a beacon of hope, offering vital assistance in navigating the complexities of this system.

Extending their stay in the United States by six months, LUM eased the burden of uncertainty, allowing the family the flexibility to travel to loved ones in Ukraine without fear of jeopardizing their immigration status. The streamlined process provided by LUM spared Nataliaa and Serhii from the daunting task of deciphering intricate legal procedures, affording them precious time to nurture their family bonds while continuing to work.

Karina, speaking on behalf of her family, expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering support they received from LUM.

“We’re really thankful for the people who have helped us,” Karina affirms. “The work that LUM does for immigrants is important.”

As the world continues to witness the plight of displaced families seeking refuge, organizations like Lafayette Urban Ministry stand as examples of compassion and hope. Through their commitment to serving immigrant communities, the LUM Immigration Clinic exemplifies the transformative impact of empathy and assistance in rebuilding shattered lives and nurturing newfound dreams of a brighter tomorrow.

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