Aspirational Peers Tour of Bloomington

LUM Team Travels South to Learn & Grow

Seven LUM team members embarked on a journey to Bloomington, Indiana, drawn by its similarity to Greater Lafayette, including its vibrant Big 10 college community. The LUM Aspirational Peers Tour itinerary featured visits to esteemed organizations including: 

  • Monroe County United Ministries
  • Beacon – Shalom Community Center & Phil’s Kitchen (pictured), 
  • Beacon – A Friend’s Place
  • Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (The Hub), 
  • New Hope for Families Shelter, and 
  • Wheeler Mission – Bloomington.

This immersive experience provided the team with the opportunity to learn, recharge, exchange ideas, and strengthen team bonds. It proved to be a fulfilling day of collaboration and personal growth.

These annual peer tours have opened doors to learning opportunities. From observing best practices and innovative strategies to grappling with challenges and implementing creative solutions, these visits have enriched LUM. Engaging with our Bloomington peers has sparked new ideas, while networking has facilitated avenues for mutual support and resource-sharing while igniting a passion for excellence.

Ultimately, connecting with fellow nonprofit peers has served as a catalyst for learning and inspiration and has prepared us well to initiate the development of actionable items for the LUM Strategic Plan.

Thanks to our Bloomington peers for welcoming LUM to their community.

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