Goodbye Winter – Memories & Triumphs

LUM Persists with Extra Warmth & Optimism

Notable initiatives during the winter season included the LUM Winter Warming StationTax Assistance Program, and Healthy Shelter Initiative. Each of these plays a vital role in addressing the community’s needs.

Winter Warming Station – Next Level Changes

From November 15 to April 15, the LUM Winter Warming Station was open nightly from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., offering a safe and warm space for individuals in need. Guests are provided with essentials such as a bagged meal, water, and coffee & a breakfast snack in the morning. This winter, the station accommodated more than 371 individuals for a total of more than 3,261 bed-nights. Furthermore, we’ve relocated the LUM Winter Warming Station to the same facility as the Emergency Shelter, fostering enhanced collaboration among staff and ensuring a safer environment for volunteers, staff, and guests.

Healthy Shelter Initiative – Next Level Changes

In its third year, the Healthy Shelter Initiative prioritized safety and security, which entailed the installation of a new exterior security camera system and a complete renovation of the office space. The redesigned office layout provides staff with a clearer view of the facility, enhancing monitoring capabilities during overnight operations. Looking ahead, LUM is preparing for additional upgrades, such as installing more durable, bug-resistant flooring that’s simpler to clean. Since its inception in 2021, this initiative has introduced new beds & mattresses, outdoor lockers, an upgraded elevator, zero food waste program, and easier-to-clean tables and chairs.

Will you help us continue to serve those in our community who are experiencing homelessness?  Your gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 to the LUM Homeless Services will help LUM continue to provide help and hope to those experiencing homelessness. 

The success of LUM Homeless Services is due to the dedication of the LUM homeless services staff members (pictured above) and volunteers, and the generosity of familiesgroupsbusinesses, and churches who donate and provided meals.

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