LUM Celebrates Volunteers

LUM Annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception

As a part of National Volunteer Month, Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, and Terri Anderson, LUM volunteer coordinator, hosted the LUM Volunteer Appreciation Reception. It was heartfelt tribute to our devoted volunteers. This special event provided an opportunity for LUM staff and board members to express personal gratitude to each volunteer in attendance with remarks, awards, and refreshments.

Special recognition was given to the volunteers who served the most hours. Leading the way are Rob & Nina Morgan, who volunteered more than 1,000 hours; and Larry Guentert, who volunteered 335 hours. There were also five volunteers who served more than 250 hours, including Theresa & Jeff Landis, Tricia Sembroski, and John & Barb Sperry; and three who served more than 200 hours, including Carol Hahm, Kim Reneau, and Jean Tyner.

Nina & Rob Morgan

Larry Guentert

  • Jeff & Theresa Landis
  • Tricia Sembroski
  • John & Barb Sperry
  • Carol Hahm
  • Kim Reneau
  • Jean Tyner

  • Kirk Germond
  • Joan Marshall
  • Mary Kay McCauley
  • Patti O’Callaghan
  • Shirley Robertson
  • Carol Robicheaux
  • Suz Branson
  • Kathy Ann Coder
  • Jessica Day
  • Susan Ferris Edgell
  • Cindy Gillis
  • Lori Hollinger
  • Andrea Schmidt
  • Brandon Stack
  • Mike Brown
  • Ann Cripe
  • Mark Cushman
  • Linda Dolby
  • Janet Engle
  • Elizabeth Gorney
  • Dan Guckien
  • Susan S. Harmeson
  • Deb Parent
  • Ellen Phelps
  • Suzi Senesac
  • Kathy Swink
  • Vicki Woeste

LUM relies immensely on the dedication and generosity of thousands of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to address basic human needs and uplift the people of Greater Lafayette. These volunteers perform extraordinary acts of service, supporting every LUM program and event throughout the year.

Please join us in thanking and honoring all of the LUM volunteers who served this past year. If you wish to volunteer with LUM please click the button below or email volunteer@LUMserve.org.

America’s volunteers embody the core values that define our Nation:  an optimism that is tested yet resolute; a courage that digs deep when we need it most; and an unshakeable faith in one another, our Nation, and the future we can build together. 
During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the millions of selfless Americans who keep faith in all of us and give their time, service, and hearts to make sure no one is left behind.
We remember that even one act of service — big or small — can make a difference. 
Volunteers spread hope and, in the process, inspire so many to give back to their communities.  I encourage everyone to look for ways to volunteer in their own communities, show up for one another, and step up for those in need. 

A Proclamation on National Volunteer Week, 2024

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