Cargill Invests in LUM Homeless Services

LUM is elated to announce a significant contribution from Cargill, totaling $20,000, designated to bolster staffing at the LUM Emergency Shelter and Winter Warming Station. This generous donation ensures that individuals facing homelessness find respite and warmth. Cargill carefully selects nonprofit organizations that mirror their values, empowering communities in which they operate. This partnership with LUM exemplifies Cargill’s commitment to fostering positive change at the grassroots level, making immediate positive impacts on the lives of our neighbors in need. By investing in essential resources and support, Cargill contributes to the strengthening of community resilience and the provision of vital assistance to individuals facing adversity. Join us in thanking the Cargill team, especially the associates in Lafayette for their support of LUM. If you or your organization would like to invest in LUM Homeless Services, consider clicking the button below and making an online donation today.

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