Local Arby’s Selects LUM to Receive $5,700

AES Restaurant Group Foundation Donates to LUM

AES Restaurant Group Foundation donated $5,700 to LUM. AES operates four ARBY’s in West Lafayette & Lafayette. The staff and leadership at the local Arby’s nominated LUM to receive this gift, which AES makes three times a year. AES & Arby’s is committed to supporting families in their Arby’s communities.

LUM is grateful to AES & the local Arby’s restaurants for this generous gift. The large check was presented to Pablo Malavenda, LUM executive program director, by Michelle Carter, AES vice president for operations, along with several leaders from AES and the local Arby’s restaurants. Please stop by your local Arby’s and thank them for this significant gift to LUM.

If you, your company or organization wishes to make an investment in LUM, please consider a donation or designating LUM as the beneficiary of your company’s giving programs. If you have questions or need more information, please call or email LUM (765-423-2691 | lum@LUMserve.org).

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