Reflections on LUM from Former Director – Jud Dolphin

Jud Dolphin, LUM Executive Director Emeritus

For 50 years, LUM has grown to meet community needs. We’ve rallied support from the community, businesses, government and churches. Everyone has a few favorite LUM activities. We could fill pages with what volunteers have given and accomplished.  

And through these efforts, something wonderful has happened. LUM has helped to change our community self-understanding.

Even in our organizing purpose LUM proposed that we be “in the business of restoring human dignity.” That means loving neighbors, seeking justice, and empowering the least among us.

So whenever we think about LUM activities, there’s a deeper meaning:

  • When we console, feed and shelter the marginalized…
  • When we advocate for more justice, and humane social programs…
  • When we welcome immigrants, support families and educate children.

Our actions say that we belong to one another. Whether well-to-do, struggling or marginalized, we are family. No one is excluded. As Martin Luther King envisioned, every human being has a birthright to be part of the “Beloved Community.”  

So let LUM continue reaching out, doing justice, loving kindness, restoring human dignity and joining with others in the Beloved Community. It’s our legacy and commitment into the future.

Jud Dolphin was the LUM executive director from 1978 to 1990. Under his leadership, the annual budget grew from $58,620 to $278,790, the first Seed Newsletter was published, 13 more churches joined the board, staff increased from four to eight members, and 11 new programs emerged, including the social justice ministry, Jubilee Christmas, Emergency Shelter, and Community Thanksgiving Feast

Since leaving LUM, Jud joined the US Peace Corps and served in Ukraine and Macedonia. He lives in Washington, DC where he teaches English to new immigrants and watercolor painting classes, writes a blog, and volunteers for positive social change. Jud enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and creating watercolor art. To read more about Jud Dolphin, click HERE.

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